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  1. 10 hours ago, Dean_ said:

    CSS issue with topic blocks with images? (mobile view iOS)

    ipsfocus themes always seem to use custom elements and css throwing IPS out of the window, I only ever has issues with them themes and 95% of my elements with match IPS css, I send you a message I can send you a custom.css code probably to add to that theme

    5 hours ago, AlexWebsites said:

    I have a custom theme from ipsfocus and was having a similar issue.

    Each block has a unique ID now too so you could only add the css edit to that block only and not all other blocks what use the same elements

    body[data-pageapp="landingpage"] div#block_39.landingpage_blocks > aElementAfterThe.landingpage_blocks {
        your code
    body[data-pageapp="landingpage"] div#block_39.landingpage_blocks > aElementAfterThe.landingpage_blocks > maybeAnotherElementAfter {
        your code

    with the block_39 being unique to that block

  2. 1 minute ago, SMen said:

    However, when I looked at the member, it was clear that the points were not applied to their account.  I waited a day to be sure that there wasn't some automated process that would add them in at a later time, and a short while ago manually updated the points on the members account.    So, only ONE instance thus far and it failed to complete the transaction... and I am not talented enough to know why.... so I seek assistance please.

    the members need to check / claim their winning tickets in their my tickets page

    2 minutes ago, SMen said:

    Additionally, as we all like to "automate" as much as we can, it would be nice to create recurring events for draws or at a minimum have the ability to duplicate/copy.

    I'll look into it

  3. 1 hour ago, Dean_ said:

    I have one issue but not sure who to ask. The Image with URL works great on the default theme, but it doesn't work on Ehren's Titan theme. Is it best for you to look at it or ask Ehren?

    I could probably look at it and see if there is a custom css code what'll fix it, whats the problem anyway?

  4. Updated to 1.0.8

    New Features

    • Added 3 new blocks
      • Main Block Carousel ( Multiple Selections )
        • This will allow you to select multiple main blocks and add them all in a carousel division
        • This will ignore the block disabled feature allowing you to disable the main block and just show it in this carousel
        • This will inherit each main blocks permissions on who can view
      • Secondary Block Carousel ( Multiple Selections )
        • This will allow you to select multiple secondary blocks and add them all in a carousel division
        • This will ignore the block disabled feature allowing you to disable the main block and just show it in this carousel
        • This will inherit each main blocks permissions on who can view
      • Images With URLs
        • This will allow you to add images what links to URLs of your choice
        • You can add up to 8 images and URLs per block
    • Added a setting to the main blocks allowing you to add a background to the text ( Useful for if you are using bright images )
    • Added a setting allowing you to animate the blocks when scrolling down the page and the blocks come into view
      • No Animation
      • Slide In - Right To Left
      • Slide In - Left To Right
      • Fade In
      • Fade In Down
      • Pulse Once
      • Zoom In
      • Wobble
    • If using animations you have a choice of 3 speeds to use
      • Very Slow ( 1.2 Seconds )
      • Slow ( 0.8 Seconds )
      • Fast ( 0.2 Seconds)
    • Added a order by to the forum topics block allowing you to order them by last replied to
    • Re-wrote the secondary blocks for when viewing on mobiles so the images position on top of the text on all block ( Looks better when scrolling down )

    If anyone wants to see the animation I have the zoom in one enabled here https://flashmodding.com/

  5. 2 hours ago, Dean_ said:

    And the above bug report. It effects other blocks too? I went to add something else but the images I had uploaded in the previous block were showing in the editor.

    Fixed for the next update

    2 hours ago, Dean_ said:

    With this request could we have it so there are no title boxes that are required for the whole block or individual image blocks. I don’t mind having them but I won’t use them.

    there is no actual box titles you will only add a image and url ( up to 8 per block ), the title you are seeing in that image is the overall blocks title and they are not required

    21 minutes ago, ToeJam said:

    ....Oh and before I forget, can I get the blocks to inherit permissions from forums who would allow members to see topics but cannot read?  That way they can see blocks but cannot access. 

    Pretty Please with XTRA sugar on top... :biggrin:

    The problem with this is unlike the forums it uses the title and some text of the topic, when you use that setting on the forums you are only seeing the title and none of the topic, if it is a topic with only a few words then the whole topic is in view for members who can't read them

  6. 13 hours ago, Dean_ said:

    Could I request image blocks with URL links only.

    Just like the Content Blocks ( Multiple Selections ) but no text, and have an option to show maybe 5-10 in a whole block? I don't want an image carousel, but 3/4 seperate boxes that I can upload an image to. But have it so I can set custom URLs so when people click the image it will take them to a desired link.

    On my home page I'd like to show it like this -

    You can request anything :biggrin: I love new ideas ( especially good ones )


    13 hours ago, Dean_ said:

    I don't want to use the editor as it wont be responsive. And I really like how the forums/topics blocks is layed out currently. As I set it to 4 boxes on desktop view.

    You should use carousel for topics and other content ones its really nice on desktop and mobiles and you can add as many as you want in one line

  7. On 2/16/2020 at 3:32 PM, AlexWebsites said:

    I just updated, did you add the page url anywhere because I don't see it. Just curious.

    If you ever see me I'll allow you to slap me, ( I completly forgot to add it, I will add it today for the next update )

    Speaking of, I have re-wrote most of the blocks so it will look a bit better ( much on mobiles ) I have also added 2 more blocks

    Main Block Carousel ( Multiple Selections )

    • With this you can create lots and lots of main blocks have them disabled then show them in one carousel block ( This will inherit the who can view each one permissions )
    • There is also a setting to show a background colour to the text as seen on the welcome to your site image below


    Secondary Blocks Carousel ( Multiple Selections )

    • With this you can create lots and lots of secondary blocks have them disabled then show them in one carousel block ( This will inherit the who can view each one permissions )



  8. 5 hours ago, JustHatched said:

    I just reinstalled this after sometime using the other, I can't create a container cuz it is requiring a facebook ID on live streams. Even in clubs with live stream ticked off it won't allow creation without a livestream. 

    I'll check it out

  9. Updated to 1.1.3

    New Features

    Live Streams

    • Admin created chatrooms / club chatrooms / member chatrooms can embed a live stream into their chatroom
    • Add a live stream from a choice of 5 popular streaming sites ( More to come )
      • Twitch
      • Mixer
      • Smashcast
      • Youtube Streaming
      • Facebook Live
    • The video stream division can be dragged and moved around the users screen by dragging the header of the stream around the screen
    • Members can change the size of the video by dragging any side or corner of the stream and expanding the size ( This will inherit the aspect ratio of the video stream )


  10. 10 minutes ago, Dean_ said:

    Is there a way we can grab articles (pages) into the same layout as topics (with grabbing pictures from the first posts) with a selection box to pick what categories we'd like to show.

    I don't own pages so can't do any work with it

    13 minutes ago, Dean_ said:

    Also, with calendar events too?

    I'll look into the events and see what I can pull out

  11. 34 minutes ago, kmk said:

    Is possible change the application as homepage when I have all blocks set up? I need more time to have it finished, before that I don´t want show it public.


    How To Install

    • Download the .tar file
    • Head to your ACP and go to applications then click install
    • Upload the downloaded .tar file
    • Once Installed go to the community tab and select the Landing Page Blocks tab then start adding your blocks
    • Go to the main applications page and click to set this application as the default app for your site
    • Now go to your sites main URL and you will now have this application as the landing page to your site


  12. 1 minute ago, ToeJam said:

    But, now that I use the one I'm supposed to, it's showing multiple posts.  Can I just show the topic that was last replied to, not the individual comments in that topic?

    Yeah it'll show all the comments posted linking to each comment, I will see what I can do :biggrin:

  13. 4 minutes ago, ToeJam said:

    I'm attaching a step by step of my process and I'm getting the same result


    Read what you are adding


    mine has lots more blocks cos I have more apps installed than you, Ignore the positions of the blocks on my images and read the names and descriptions of the blocks

  14. 6 minutes ago, ToeJam said:

    Yes, that's the block I used to create these, and the one I'm having problems with

    It's not, forum posts have 2 options either random or newest your image shows the options available for forum topics, plus the forum posts dont show topic images and show the actual comments and not the topics text, this block was introduced in 1.0.7 the latest update it's a brand new block

  15. 10 minutes ago, ToeJam said:

    1A - Here is the front page view of all Latest topics and supposed to be in order as to latest reply.  (whats missing here as you'll see below is the topic "Keiffer")


    Keiffer was created in 2009, you are using the block Forum Topics and newest first, You want want to use the block Topic Posts and newest first, Forum Topics show topics only Forum Posts show topic comments only

    10 minutes ago, ToeJam said:

    What would really benefit me and to help get free members to upgrade to a subscription is if this permissions was observed in your mod below.  "Users can see topics posted by others" but cannot access content.  Before your mod I used a portal page by a modder, and this was observed

    I'll check that out

  16. 24 minutes ago, Dean_ said:

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but on the latest forum posts, it displays the date of the topic and not the date or time of the latest post? So it looks like older topics haven't been replied to.

    I'll get a update out with-in the next couple of hours to fix it and the disable thing

  17. 5 minutes ago, ToeJam said:

    I just added three of these from different forums.  Some Topics are skipped

    it uses the permissions on who can view them is it maybe that? and they have to be approved to show

    5 minutes ago, ToeJam said:

    and one particular block from a particular forum are still listing as "created" rather than latest topic, and I've deleted and tried to do over, but same result. 

    I don't understand that? where does it say created? it just says by xxx 10 hours ago etc

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