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  1. Hey, how can I show my signature in messages? Thank you!
  2. Category does not work on my homepage when adding text it will not appear as a sidebar. This is definitely a bug? I use the latest Classifieds system version
  3. Hey, how to get an Activated Commerce plugin. I just bought it Thank you!
  4. Hey, thanks to the great add-on. How can I translate into another language?
  5. Hi, thank you for the great add-on, but how can i get or where do i get the avatar under that administrator (or moderator ) image? And where do I get the "Device" menu turned on?
  6. Hi, thank you for this great add-on. How can I translate into Finnish? Do I have to edit the xml file? Thank you!
  7. ok, thank you for information. Is this hard to do editing, I do not want it on every page. Ah, I do not have it Purchase Pages feature
  8. Does anyone know Questions & Answers Add-ons for IPS? Like this?
  9. Hi @TAMAN thanks for the answer. Could put Helvetica Light sub-lists? How can I determine the size of the font?
  10. Riksa


    I have not bought any font. Do they need to buy?
  11. Riksa


    I could not get this to work. How do I add a new font, such as Helvetica Light? Thank you!
  12. Hi @TAMAN how can I add a new font, for example. Helvetica Light?
  13. Thank you very much Hey thanks for the help One more question, can change the font page, now there are only a few Google fonts to choose from
  14. Hi, could someone help with this code? How do I get a picture in front of the text (font Awesome)?
  15. Which of these abolished and Is this the right spot?
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