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  1. I've just installed the plugin, but it doesn't show up. How can I get it visible?
  2. Ok, prefect! Then I will have a look into spotify what results come up for the artists I want. Thanks for your help! Rob
  3. Ok and then the members/users do only see my selected artitst? Even in their searchresults? Beacuse if that's the case, then this it probably what I am looking for.
  4. Hello Adriano, Is it possible to have the application working with just artists only I can select? As I'm about to run an international band specific forum, I only want the members to see band related results. Kind regards, Rob
  5. Hello Doc, I saw you've updated Royal light as well, but I can't find it on your demo.tradeiq.ro (the old link is still mentioned on the Marketplace). Am I looking wrong? Rob
  6. Wow, thanks for the fast reply! I will kindly wait! Thanks, Rob Demosite isn't working btw 😉
  7. Hello, Will this template be updatet to 4.5? If so, any indication when it will be available? Thanks, Rob
  8. @TheJackal84 I get an error while installing from the marketplace in 4.5 it says in Dutch: 4C133/6 We konden het application.json bestand niet parsen voor deze applicatie omdat het bestand ontbreekt of corrupt is. Contacteer de auteur voor een geüpdate versie van deze applicatie. Which means that it couldn't parse application.json for the application as the file is either not there or corrupt. What to do? Solved, it did install today. Both mainblocks don't work. Mainblocks with multiple images are not possible to make, I get an error. Mainblocks with just one image produce this: Any idea? Thx, Rob
  9. May I ask how you did that? I have the same issue after updating with both default theme as other themes. Thank you in advance! Rob
  10. Do I need to have Access to ftp or can I just install it?
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