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  1. It's hard to explain in a sentence but if crawler accesses though guest, the bot follows links only avail to guest so if you use a crawler app to crawl your website as guest and see where it's able to go, youll see where your permissions could be at fault? Hope it helps
  2. Seems you'd just need to adjust which size is displayed, do you know which devices are having the issues? If you had a few of the crap mobile devices to test with it might help (low res, small screens etc) but keep in mind that older devices won't be around in a yea or two as we progress though the tech advancement.
  3. I actually like the idea of using real names, it really depends on the type of setup you're thinking of running really, IPS isnt just useful for forums, but in all honesty, if you serve a purpose to the people and want to be known quickly, your name will be spread around to everyone online with google to people looking for your services an know you're the man for the job for example to lead to linkdin or facebook etc, unless something dodgy or the content makes people lose their minds then no reason to stand by your pile 🙂 but on a gamers site theres bare rivalry so that would be a bad idea incase binladen was having a match and lost his ....mind 😉
  4. I know this is an old thread but I wish I seen it sooner, the answer is in your permission settings, the problem I find is that modules and menus in IPS have separate permission tabs, you might allow a crawler to crawl the "Classified" section, but at the same time restrict the menu link to be seen to guests or visa versa etc, you must check that you allow the robot to see everything you've linked from public menues also to avoid landing page link following errors, if menu isn't visible to a crawler it can't error on a path it can't see to attempt travel on etc. Also, avoid static ads, always use auto sizing ads for ips4 :)
  5. One thing I fell in love with was the auto resizing of the IPS 4, it allowed to work hand in hand with Google auto resizing Adsense that just refreshed the ad every time it was tilted like say in a mobile browser for examle etc. That was way back now but I always found that Google would be a nightmare if the permissions were messed up somewhere, checking all logs for site permission errors is a start, Adsense is a funny one too because it will beat you black an blue to keep earning the bread line 🙂
  6. Bought my second module this week which is already in use, sadly I actually built the whole site from free downloads so when I pulled it down I threw away much in terms of code and structure, now it's legit I have to wait till I can afford all the goodies I'm used to So I don't suppose anyone knows how to get a discount from invisionpower? That would be amazing but not holding my breath. Thanks again for all your replies and have a great virtual time
  7. was just mid purchase, "sorry, site down for maintenance ...." lol like ooook then
  8. Thanks guys, yes very happy with it an looking forward to getting fully operational again. If you guys pm me your links ill reg up Thanks again
  9. Hi guys and who ever maybe reading this, just wanted to jump in an say hello HEEELLOO haha. My name is Viktor, I just bought IPB4 as it's a really advanced and well managed forum software that I first fell in love with through trying out a XXXX'ed copy of 3.4 and now soon be the proud owner of the whole IPB4 package ( proud moment as it's my first ever software that I paid for ). So yea, be great if my fellow friends would welcome me with open arms (<<<<just don't judge me for that other thing as it was a learning curve)......
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