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  1. Turns out to be a bug in 4.4.5, if you remove USD currency and add another like say GBP after creating a payment option, it will mess up that payment option and display this error, to correct you'll need to re add the payment description again if you have this problem. Been told it will be fixed in 4.4.6 Nothing to do with laungauge or theme.
  2. Not sure, I read on a Russian forum something about payment details should go here though it's very vague, this code comes up, any ideas?
  3. I thank you for your positive input BUT, I only ever messaged support 4 times, the very first time I lost all my back ups and needed the last version of software I was running at the time of license, to be belittled by staff, trying to squeeze me for license renewal, I was so frustrated that I needed to pay for the software that I already purchased, I was angry, I tried to keep cool, but support just mugged me off, I lost it a bit and was rude (justified I think) so.... not a good start. I wanted to keep everything above board and not turn to nulled software just to use what I paid IP for in the first place, technically still legal in my eyes since I have a valid license, but a security risk, I learned everything from scratch without ONE message to support since I bought back in 2016 what ever, I messaged them twice recently because things were not as they should be but just found solutions myself in the end as support are slow to reply, the only time I ask them for the location of a setting or file, they mugged me off telling me that it's a customization and out of scope for support (are you joking? because I'm not laughing), now I'm not feeling like being cool about it, it's not cool, I'm not afraid to to speak my mind here unlike most other users, I paid and have receipts to prove a court that I paid and am entitled to use this software. I'm not remotely interested in wasting my time fault finding and searching for hours to answers which should be simply relayed to me in low priority support (I pay support, not the other way round, I'm not here to keep fixing this faulty product), being directed to turn to customers of IPS for support, that isn't even a level I'll entertain. IPS staff have now "warned me" and listed me as an abusive customer, I just speak my mind, the only thing they could use against me was a message from 2016 where back then they upset me to the point I ranted off the chain in private message, I made the mistake to renew my license (because I already bought the product) which support was meant to be included with but is non existent for the best part, a joke! Now, I'm still facing problems, I'm learning daily how to over come them, something I feel is out of the scope to being a customer, I see many members across this board feeling the same but the cowardly will just fall off when it gets real, in fear of "upsetting a grown man or woman with text", I shouldn't have to be made to feel such anger. Now, you know where my anger stems from, not from not knowing where to turn to, no, not getting what I was promised. I didn't sign a contract that I would have to solve all the problems with this software to use it and so I'm not under any obligations to do so, nor ask IPS customers for advice (very iffy if you ask me)(what if they get it wrong and I break something, then it's like "on but it's 3rd party advice so can't help you"), if my post offend anyone just remember one thing, offence is taken not given, I can't be offended by IPS, only taken for a ride, Now, I want a working website, I really want to rant on more, but I'm real, be real with me I'll be real with you, I don't want to be ranting about it, though it's good practice typing if anything but a little boring, I could be taking the time to write content, but I can't because the software is so buggy I don't want to risk using it to be let down down the line, as you probably understand, wasting years of my life on a dead project isn't on any ones wish list let alone mine, I would like to write great master pieces and progress past this but so far it's very difficult to say the least, I'm having to turn to places where I thought I'd never turn to again since purchasing the license for support because at least them areas like to keep their users happy! Now, you know where I'm coming from, and since my content replies are now restricted and need to be moderated for something I said in 2016, I think that spells it out loud and clear. Viktor www,seekandsupply.co.uk
    Still no update, been ages! 28/08/2019 1 Star, trash, no point buying these because every update of IPS will break this template and you'll have to keep having to have it corrected and support isn't all that great, IPS is also very buggy so there's updates coming out all the time where they try and fix one thing which breaks another so a template with slow support isn't worth the effort and you should save the money! (I came today to see if the updated 4.4.5 was avail but it's not which this has bugs in 4.4.4 and 4.4.5) Not renewing, gave it a good go and in the end it was a waste of money, it doesn't work out of the box which for a $35 dollar defective template with copyright everywhere is lame, if there was no copyright it "might" be worth it but as it stands. I'm not a wizard or a programmer, bought thinking it would be alright on the default fresh install of (Any version) but it's not at all and needs a massive amount of work to even get it working out of the box (why buy this when the money could be spent on your default template?) I'm leaving this review in case someone wanted to buy it thinking the few reviews it got from people that know nothing about coding would be a good start to their month, remember, no refunds!! PRO: 1: Looks good 2: Dark with nice looking features Cons: 1: Very complicated to find the setting for each area within the editing menu 2: Has bugs in various areas such as Commerce etc 3: The banner picture scroller fails to load images after initial loop 4: Heavy code that will make it lag a little without extra plugins 5: Slow support (as are the updates) 6: Not very well thought out back end management of the template 7: Needing to have it fixed every update ( Since IPS isn't all that good either that will be often ) I won't bother ranting any more about it, it's what it is!
  4. I'd bet the only reason for not really having all of this after 4 years (options for dark mode etc) is because they try and get more sales for their 3rd party products (less support to give but still collect the fees from the sale) Otherwise why else leave the default skin to be so basic?? Make no sense after 4 years.. I'll keep ranting till this gets put right, only reason I bought Vuples Dark was to get a dark skin with some options but because its 3rd party, forget help lol, also every upgrade the templates break...... come on, go to be a joke right? Also, when i say put right, I'm literally talking about colours, can't be hard to add some options to totally flip the colour scheme in the default skin..... I know you hate me, but I hate the product I bought so makes both of us hate something 🙂
  5. What we need is a community bot, which tests the whole website, collect reports of faults in all areas and aspects of IP Board, like a standalone app which sits on our desktop, logs in with admin user / pass, makes articles, topics, guides, support requests, messaging, template edits etc etc to give us a something like an XML file to give ips and they give us one back for a single solution for all our faults, otherwise I'll expect to be repaid for faulty software! Like make it easy to fault find! That's why we need a bot, we can't be expected to work on faulty software till we discover one or 10 faults and have to ask the community for help because support is 9 to 5 (not even that)(maybe in your country) We need an automated way to check for faults, can't be that hard, someone? *From your not so favourite N00b*
  6. I'm not running a forum, I do not use search indexing nor allow engines to crawl my website, thank you for the reply, shame I had to ask the forum for support on such a lame question which I was turned down the answer to in IPS support. Worse than Godaddy! Thanks guys.
  7. I would like to change the error given when I use the SITE ONLINE? feature, when it's OFF a 503 is given and I would like to change that to something else, support flat out told me it's a customization and that their staff don't just support their customers, even though all I asked them is where the file responsible for this function is...... NOTE FOR SO CALLED SUPPORT : I didn't ask you to help me change it, I asked where is it located, really great support :P JOKE!
  8. If you're on Godaddy shared hosting, just give them a call and they could assist you with such action, php.ini or php5.ini file is required in root of hosting folder, if you're hosted on other provider just give them a call and they will be more than happy to help I'm sure, very simple even if it doesn't sound like it, it's a small text file with command inside which looks like: disable_functions= phpinfo, exec, shell_exec, system, passthru Some useful links you might want to visit are : CHECK MY VERSION and GODADDY HELP WITH PHP.INI (Next info is from some deep part of my brain that I can only recall scraps out of) The version of php you're running would effect which version of this file you'll need, php.ini is for PHP 5.x onwards and php5.ini for lower version. I could be slightly off but it's a start Also, sometimes in cPanel you might use a ".user.ini" file, in most cases, you'll need to force stop the PHP processes running to allow the new file to take effect, in some cases after 5 minute or so the processes end automatically anyway so no user input needed. ALSO SOME INFO FROM GODADDY: What filename does my PHP initialization file need to use? PHP initialization files can manage form, server, and environmental variables as well as server-side cookies, temporary directories, error display, and error logging. You can look at the directives these files can control in PHP's documentation. The file name your PHP initialization must use depends on the type of hosting account you have (more info). Type Filename Location (more info) Web Hosting - Linux with PHP 5.6 (info) php56.ini Root of account (one per account) Web Hosting - Windows with PHP 5.4 (info) .user.ini1 Root of account (one per account) All Other Web Hosting php5.ini Root of account (one per account) cPanel 2 .user.ini1 /public_html (one per account) Plesk .user.ini1 Website root (one per website) Managed WordPress .user.ini1,3 /html (one per website) If you don't see the file that you need listed in your hosting account, you will need to create a file with the filename listed above for your hosting type. If changes to your PHP initialization file are not taking effect, we have troubleshooting steps available here. Web Hosting accounts running Windows with IIS 6 do not support PHP and therefore do not support PHP initialization files. 1 .user.ini files do not let you modify all of the same settings as php.ini files (php's documentation) and are only compatible with PHP versions 5.4 and above (Web & Classic / cPanel / Plesk). 2 When using cPanel, you can also modify the php.ini file when selecting which php version you are using by clicking Switch To PHP Options. For more information, see View or change your PHP version in cPanel hosting. 3 Managed WordPress accounts also support using php.ini files, but because of the difficulty in refreshing them when they're updated, we recommend using .user.inifiles instead.
  9. Ok I was just trying to add to the conversation without starting a war lol, how ever if you would like a link to said such material without me trying to explain it: HERE Also, it's so simple I'm surprised you're not with the program yet, I know people doing it and it's easy when you understand the law a little bit, I don't claim I'm a mastermind or know more than the next person but it's clear an awful amount of people aren't aware of this.
  10. Links to such evidence? Don't you hate getting par'd off with "no it's not"? Also, I didn't quote by mistake but this was a reply to @liquidfractal . The fact is that it is true, it's so simple to understand as well, it's the same if the U.K wanted to extradite me from Russia if I was to engage in criminal behavior in UK then run to Russia, no treaty so no legal right to ask 😛 Also, Facebook already sold this exact data to companies (analytics company etc, probably the Gov too which you won't know for 50 more years due to the various laws, Snowden wasn't a grass, he was the light on the darkness) so we already know they're involved in said such.
  11. If you want to copy all your clients data without permission but within the law, setup a route to your website outside of the law state, store the private messaging conversations mid transit to on way to your site (example), once user asks for all data to be deleted, you delete the servers data but the data that is in a country unbound to this law would carry on sifting through your data lawfully, thus totally bypassing you legal right 😛
  12. Under GDPR EU, I have the right to know what data is and where it is stored plus the right for it to be deleted, when it is routed outside of the GDPR zone, this data goes through a black hole, thus it maybe stored (may being misconstrued for will) against my will but within the law (outside of it) and so is the data which is also the data used to spy, GCHQ UK does this to Americans and the likes etc.
  13. One shouldn't worry about FB and the DATA theft, things like the GDPR and the likes are a joke on the fools that seek to have some control, the problem is, that the likes of NSA (CIA more like) actually route internet traffic outside of this jurisdiction to spy on everyone "legally", like if CIA wanted to spy on Americans but bypass the GDPR, all they would have to do it is route the traffic outside of the GDPR zone (do the spying) and send the traffic back to its destination (TRUTH) and all totally legal (being done as I type this) ..... thought I'd through that out there 🙂
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