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  1. I thank you for your positive input BUT, I only ever messaged support 4 times, the very first time I lost all my back ups and needed the last version of software I was running at the time of license, to be belittled by staff, trying to squeeze me for license renewal, I was so frustrated that I needed to pay for the software that I already purchased, I was angry, I tried to keep cool, but support just mugged me off, I lost it a bit and was rude (justified I think) so.... not a good start. I wanted to keep everything above board and not turn to nulled software just to use what I paid IP for in the first place, technically still legal in my eyes since I have a valid license, but a security risk, I learned everything from scratch without ONE message to support since I bought back in 2016 what ever, I messaged them twice recently because things were not as they should be but just found solutions myself in the end as support are slow to reply, the only time I ask them for the location of a setting or file, they mugged me off telling me that it's a customization and out of scope for support (are you joking? because I'm not laughing), now I'm not feeling like being cool about it, it's not cool, I'm not afraid to to speak my mind here unlike most other users, I paid and have receipts to prove a court that I paid and am entitled to use this software. I'm not remotely interested in wasting my time fault finding and searching for hours to answers which should be simply relayed to me in low priority support (I pay support, not the other way round, I'm not here to keep fixing this faulty product), being directed to turn to customers of IPS for support, that isn't even a level I'll entertain. IPS staff have now "warned me" and listed me as an abusive customer, I just speak my mind, the only thing they could use against me was a message from 2016 where back then they upset me to the point I ranted off the chain in private message, I made the mistake to renew my license (because I already bought the product) which support was meant to be included with but is non existent for the best part, a joke! Now, I'm still facing problems, I'm learning daily how to over come them, something I feel is out of the scope to being a customer, I see many members across this board feeling the same but the cowardly will just fall off when it gets real, in fear of "upsetting a grown man or woman with text", I shouldn't have to be made to feel such anger. Now, you know where my anger stems from, not from not knowing where to turn to, no, not getting what I was promised. I didn't sign a contract that I would have to solve all the problems with this software to use it and so I'm not under any obligations to do so, nor ask IPS customers for advice (very iffy if you ask me)(what if they get it wrong and I break something, then it's like "on but it's 3rd party advice so can't help you"), if my post offend anyone just remember one thing, offence is taken not given, I can't be offended by IPS, only taken for a ride, Now, I want a working website, I really want to rant on more, but I'm real, be real with me I'll be real with you, I don't want to be ranting about it, though it's good practice typing if anything but a little boring, I could be taking the time to write content, but I can't because the software is so buggy I don't want to risk using it to be let down down the line, as you probably understand, wasting years of my life on a dead project isn't on any ones wish list let alone mine, I would like to write great master pieces and progress past this but so far it's very difficult to say the least, I'm having to turn to places where I thought I'd never turn to again since purchasing the license for support because at least them areas like to keep their users happy! Now, you know where I'm coming from, and since my content replies are now restricted and need to be moderated for something I said in 2016, I think that spells it out loud and clear. Viktor www,seekandsupply.co.uk
    Still no update, been ages! 28/08/2019 1 Star, trash, no point buying these because every update of IPS will break this template and you'll have to keep having to have it corrected and support isn't all that great, IPS is also very buggy so there's updates coming out all the time where they try and fix one thing which breaks another so a template with slow support isn't worth the effort and you should save the money! (I came today to see if the updated 4.4.5 was avail but it's not which this has bugs in 4.4.4 and 4.4.5) Not renewing, gave it a good go and in the end it was a waste of money, it doesn't work out of the box which for a $35 dollar defective template with copyright everywhere is lame, if there was no copyright it "might" be worth it but as it stands. I'm not a wizard or a programmer, bought thinking it would be alright on the default fresh install of (Any version) but it's not at all and needs a massive amount of work to even get it working out of the box (why buy this when the money could be spent on your default template?) I'm leaving this review in case someone wanted to buy it thinking the few reviews it got from people that know nothing about coding would be a good start to their month, remember, no refunds!! PRO: 1: Looks good 2: Dark with nice looking features Cons: 1: Very complicated to find the setting for each area within the editing menu 2: Has bugs in various areas such as Commerce etc 3: The banner picture scroller fails to load images after initial loop 4: Heavy code that will make it lag a little without extra plugins 5: Slow support (as are the updates) 6: Not very well thought out back end management of the template 7: Needing to have it fixed every update ( Since IPS isn't all that good either that will be often ) I won't bother ranting any more about it, it's what it is!
  2. I'd bet the only reason for not really having all of this after 4 years (options for dark mode etc) is because they try and get more sales for their 3rd party products (less support to give but still collect the fees from the sale) Otherwise why else leave the default skin to be so basic?? Make no sense after 4 years.. I'll keep ranting till this gets put right, only reason I bought Vuples Dark was to get a dark skin with some options but because its 3rd party, forget help lol, also every upgrade the templates break...... come on, go to be a joke right? Also, when i say put right, I'm literally talking about colours, can't be hard to add some options to totally flip the colour scheme in the default skin..... I know you hate me, but I hate the product I bought so makes both of us hate something 🙂
  3. What we need is a community bot, which tests the whole website, collect reports of faults in all areas and aspects of IP Board, like a standalone app which sits on our desktop, logs in with admin user / pass, makes articles, topics, guides, support requests, messaging, template edits etc etc to give us a something like an XML file to give ips and they give us one back for a single solution for all our faults, otherwise I'll expect to be repaid for faulty software! Like make it easy to fault find! That's why we need a bot, we can't be expected to work on faulty software till we discover one or 10 faults and have to ask the community for help because support is 9 to 5 (not even that)(maybe in your country) We need an automated way to check for faults, can't be that hard, someone? *From your not so favourite N00b*
  4. Just going through the same here: I was fresh at this a week ago, seems complex but in the end it's just 2 services which are SPF and DKIM which need to be right for DMARK to pass, Black Tiger has added some useful information in this post
  5. After I used your line, I get 7 warnings (mxtoolbox), when I use my line I only get 4 for the SMTP banner, not sure at this point, maybe need to just back off this for a minute and clear my head, I'll leave the settings over night and see tomorrow (though I think the rDNS is my main problem in the end / I'm guessing at this point though)
  6. PS support in all of these establishments are crap 😛 ... anything standardized is a customization 😛 from what supports say, since I'm new to semi control of the whole site workings I'm learning slowly but obviously can't learn a whole internet way in a year
  7. reading many MANY threads, so much conflicting information (for something so simple 🙂 ) https://ph.godaddy.com/community/Managing-Email/What-are-the-correct-GoDaddy-SPF-Settings-For-DNS-to-send-mail/td-p/5645 PS, they removed this to push the Office365 perhaps? Which apparently has this all sorted automatically (PS IM A NOOB so don't take what I say as fact) (because all the threads I read, even godaddy don't know half the time)
  8. Hay, thanks for the reply, I just was doing some messing and though I understand what you're saying about the MX records etc, that's not what godaddy are saying,.... and I'm not saying either of you're wrong as I know each setup has it's own strings, my biggest problem right now is getting my head round how all of these tie up together (other than the DKIM I guess which is just a public / private keys) PS YES SHARED HOSTING Just changed the string to the one you created, I'll wait few hours and look at it again, PS more help from users than support (which is sad) but nice at the same time
  9. This is my result for the above code line, sometimes I get a warning but sometimes not ( There's another warning there though about DNS)
  10. Just found the best topic for SPF and Godaddy: https://www.godaddy.com/community/Managing-Email/What-are-the-correct-GoDaddy-SPF-Settings-For-DNS-to-send-mail/td-p/5645 Though there's some serious confusion there (or everywhere) about SPF settings, in my case all I want it to do is Pass mail from my None Dedicated server which is the standard server that comes with cPanel (secureserver.net) (unlike any people that use the extra software like Office 365 etc) to users email accounts, which seems this is the correct setting: TXT @ v=spf1 include:spf.em.secureserver.net ~all 1 Hour Also, need to work out how to use rDNS, is that a service which checks my IP? When I wake up a bit I'll dig deep into into it, let you know some more results (maybe this thread will help someone else whom maybe having issues)
  11. Thanks for the reply, I'm using Godaddy Linux Ultimate with cPanel, no options to auto add DKIM but I got access to DNS so adding one isn't a problem (though as I understand it, this is a Encryption key which the email server uses to verify and I could use the public key in bulk mail server / software? Which verifies the sender by accessing and decrypting from the private DKIM in the DNS record? ) Because I use Godaddy email server, which is the only one that will ever be used, I set up the DNS like so: I have the A record pointing mail to IP of server (A @ mail xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 10800) TXT record (v=spf1 include:spf.protection.secureserver.net include:secureserver.net include:smtp.secureserver.net -all DMARK record set up (v=DMARC1; p=reject) PS, didn't get far enough through the docs to fully understands it all yet but I understand the +A allows any / all servers to send mail and -A tells the receiver to reject all, then the ?A is to tell the receiver that if that validation has failed, that they can do what they feel is best with email sent. I've had to pause this study to get the site back up and operational as there's bug haunting me right now but I appreciate all the info you go, I see you've placed the MX option in, I've seen this in the guides a few times, I'm not sure how to use that or if it would work with what I got
  12. I've looked at them already (I searched for 6 hours) 🙂 Would I, to test this, create an email and sign up for the site, see if the email goes through or just look at the report saying it's going through?
  13. Just noticed one problem and I'm looking to solve it, I noticed my messages going to spam folders and come across DMARK (Domain-based Message Authentication) Anyone set this up that could share any tips? I've watched and read a few hours and I'm getting it more but all I would like to achieve is to get messages which are sent from my website to users not land in the spam folder which is obviously damaging to user confidence etc which I need to go through as normal, any recommendations or advice would be fab, if I understand this correctly, when interacting with users on the website, a notification is sent from my site to them for say something like a message reply or password reset and the email goes in their spam folder, does DMARK solve this problem? IPS has the incoming and outgoing emails, what would be the best way to set that up to work well with DMARK, I'm using linux Cpanel, how do you tie that into IPS? Thanks in advance, I know it's a big ask, maybe a support question? ps, I'm really tired, I'm not even sure if that all makes sense 😛 Still watching this 1H+ tutorial Also watched this (NOTE THIS VIDEO IS SLIGHTLY LOUDER INCASE ITS 4AM): I think I'm near completion, how would I do a proper test to see if things as they should be? P.s I'm rolling with it right now updating this thread as I go. In Godaddy DNS ZONES I've added this TXT RECORD : SPF TXT @ v=spf1 include:spf.em.secureserver.net ~all 1 Hour Now changed to: TXT @ v=spf1 include:www.seekandsupply.co.uk ~all 1 Hour ACTUALLY not working so back to TXT @ v=spf1 include:spf.em.secureserver.net ~all 1 Hour DMARK TXT _dmarc v=DMARC1; p=reject 1 Hour The website MXTOOLBOX says everything's fine other than some DNS error though this seem minor REPORT HERE ++++++++++ UPDATE LOL.... ++++++++++ Not sure if I gone a little too far? I didn't even think about email servers and how the work and what I'd need to actually send mail from a personal email server on my pc, which DKIM is all about? Basically not what I'm trying to do here haha, I'm not even sure what needs to be done to make it straight so I'll just leave this mess here...... get a few hours in and you'll see another random 5 hour messy post later 😛 One error I keep seeing is: SOA Expire Value out of recommended range Seems this is the TLL on Godaddy email server is too low or something, apparently can't be changed and mxtools throws a warning
  14. 5 bills? Hardly a fine for Facebook, pennies in fact, a joke. Either way it's a ploy to stop others doing what Facebook is doing, following what the Gov been doing since the dawn of time, who is Facebook to act in such a way? Still, the users are the only ones to suffer, they will be paying this debt off, not Mark. The company clearly went against the people so instead of taking it down, they promote it 🙂 .... my favorite scam of all, like the UK expenses scandal or Brexit, to make us believe them! Probably covering something up as we speak.... Yea I know, tin foil at the ready, stop the satellites which they're are using to xray earth with giving me radiation melt down,..... if you got this far, I have no idea where I'm going with this but one thing is certain, Facebook is a back door into your lives and the more you rely on it, the more it will take your soul, one example is fame, if 5K friends would see what you wanted to say the minute you posted a status, Facebook would decide if you're worthy enough to get 100 people to see your post unless you often paid for ads and services., also it sells all your info about every action you might take, decide what you see, what you feel and when to feel.....I know I know,...... I'm crazy right, this can't be true, Facebook is your friend I'm sure, ready to cut your throat at every turn
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