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  1. I see. Then why am I being charged the renewal fee just 12 days ago? It's just $2 and I am more than happy to pay you for your work, but not if the software is unsupported - That doesn't seem right.
  2. @The Jimmo We are still running the 'regular' PRO version and now upgraded from 4.2.8 to 4.3.x Does the version we use (and for which we received a renewal invoice last week) still work or are we required to upgrade to the new PRO application? If so, I assume we won't be charged for both and that we can exchange/upgrade our license for the new one?
  3. That's what I'd expect. But is not the case. With us, links to the same domain (but outside IPS) open in a new window and are coded with rel="external". Note that our IPS is running at ourdomain.com/forum and we have Wordpress running on ourdomain.com (root). Does IPS really check if it's on the same domain - or - does it check if the path starts with the same path as IPS is in (so including /forum)? Brings me back to the first question: Can anyone point me in the right direction what template do I need to modify to change this behaviour?
  4. I prefer to customize this, because I still want external links to open in a new window, but internal (= the whitelisted domain) links not. Or is there a different workaround for that?
  5. It seems that rel="external" is automatically being added to links in comments, even to the same domain the forum is on and that also explicitly is whilelisted on System > Settings > Posting > Links > Domains to instruct search engines to follow. I want to have control over this and don't like to have the rel="external" added automatically, but I can't find it in the templates. Any suggestion where & how to change this? Thanks!
  6. +1 Same here, we need to exclude moderators and admins from the Leaderboard. Did you find a way to do it?
  7. I've worked long enough in web development to know the true meaning of the combined words probably and future
  8. That's bad news ... you stated differently before: Still think you did a nice job for a $10 plugin, but it could offer so much more, both in quality (validation, readable docs) and features (and then you could charge more of course). Hope this encourages you to do an update ;-) BTW, no complaints on your support, you reply still quick!
  9. Works now, the path didn't have a closing slash, but now it has & works. One more question: How do I use the batch sync feature of the Pro version? Can't find it in the readme and maybe I'm overlooking it in the admin.
  10. Hi Jimmo, Purchased and installed, but wasn't going smooth. Same error during install as above, but I was able to insert API data and ran XML install again, this time without errors. But the real problem: With the plugin enabled I get a 500 error when a new user signs up. And when I manually sync a user to Mailchimp in the admin I get the following error: I uploaded the mailchimp-api folder as instructed to the root of the site and checked the path at the plugin settings. Please help ...
  11. Oops, same error here and missed the news that Chat is discontinued For others like me that are looking for alternatives, this seems to be the topic to go to:
  12. @The Jimmo Is this plugin still working with the latest release of IPS, And will 4.2 be supported? Very much in need of a reliable Mailchimp integration to sync our forum members to the mailinglist.
  13. @Stuart Silvester 'Reactions' seems nice, but not what I expected from what Lindy teased last year ...
  14. Are we talking Gamification here? Very much hope so! Please give some details
  15. I just unstalled/reinstalled, but same result. What might be an issue, is the following. My provider has very strict security policies on uploads and blocks files with php code in it, even XML files. The only workaround they've given me, is the info that they only check the first 4kb of each file, and so far I managed to install plugins by editing the XML and add 4kb of lorum ipsum comments in the file. I know, it sounds silly, but it's the only way I can make it work at this moment. Wish I would also be able to FTP files, then I didn't have this issue. Could that be the problem here? At first sight it seems that it does install just fine, but maybe the 'lorum ipsum' comment is the cause? I did remove it afterwards from the php file in forum/plugins/jimmomailchimpsync/hooks ... Any other suggestions where to look or workaround? PS: if you can help me out here I'd be more than happy to go for the PRO version.
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