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  1. [JIMMO] MailChimp Sync PRO

    Will you be updating this plugin to work with 4.2?
  2. Mailchimp by IPS Themes

    Will you be updating this plugin to work with 4.2?
  3. Magnum Theme

    This theme made it very easy to get my site live and looking sharp. And the support by @TAMAN has been quick and helpful. Wonderful theme!
  4. Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Roger. Thanks. I appreciate it.
  5. Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    I'm using 4.1 still on the hosted platform. I'll open a ticket with IPS then. Thanks.
  6. Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    This is a great theme. Thanks very much. One minor issue I noticed is, the color settings for Mentions are not quite working. My setting is: But when I mention someone in a post, it doesn't invert the text color: It looks like the font color is inherited in the CSS. Can it be made to look like the setting above? Thanks.
  7. New: Two Factor Authentication

    Some of my Google Authenticator sites allow you to check a box and not have to re-authenticate for some number of days, like 7 or 30. Any plans to add something like that? I get tired of having to re-authenticate every time I login which can be 4 or 5 times a day.