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    First of all, thanks for creating this! I know many of us have been waiting very long for a viable marketplace for IPS and this delivers. With that said, there are a few quirks I noticed that I hope can be addressed: 1. Allow users to decline an offer and send a notification of the decline to the person that made the offer. 2. The expiring soon block is not configurable. All new listings that are added are automatically put into the "expiring soon" widget/block.
  1. This fixed my issue as well. Had to relocate the database widget to the body area and the error went away.
  2. I've got the same problem on every theme including default.
    Fantastic plug-in, thanks for open sourcing it.
  3. 500 error points to your server rather than IPS. I'd say your host needs to get on the ball or you switch to another one.
  4. Yeah I'm surprised they haven't added NGINX support. I bet a large chunk of their customers use NGINX yet they're still stuck on Apache for some odd reason. @Ahmad E. the issue really isn't getting things to work with NGINX as anyone that is semi-competent can make it happen. The problem is when you open a support ticket with Invision Power and they use the fact that you have NGINX as a reason not to provide you with proper support. I had issues before where the imageproxy key needed a new hash because I changed my subdomain URL around and when I opened a ticket (this is before I knew about the hashgenerator.php), they shot me down because they claimed they don't support PHP 7 or NGINX. Yet my issue had nothing to do with either of those and I was left to figure it out on my own.
  5. Thanks, updated to 4.1.6 and saw what you mean with the REST API key still being used.
  6. So does this negate the need for REST API key + forcing users to input their credit card? We saw a 20% decline in revenue and new subscriptions after switching from VB to IPS because of this REST API nonsense so hopefully this alleviates that.
  7. Thanks @opentype ! i was actually trying to avoid using 3rd party extensions as much as possible. Keeping it simple
  8. I'm trying to block users from posting email addresses. Profanity filter isn't ideal as it doesn't take regex and listing all possible domain names is nuts. Any way to block emails using a regex ? I thought about implementing it as a media tag but these too are gone from 4. Suggestions ?
  9. VigLink hasn't worked for us either the last two weeks and I had to open a support ticket with them today only to find out they're off for the holidays. So I guess we'll be switching to Skimlink.
  10. Definitely would like to see this ability from 3.4 brought back. Come on IPS, why cut such great features?? First promote to article and then this.
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