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  1. Ah bummer, then it still won't work for us. Our idea was to have 1 secondary group called "Songs enabled" that we can then assign to those who we want to allow to upload a song. If that is not possible: Can you somehow fix the error below or send me the previous older version so I can somehow downgrade to it? I have even disabled the secondary group setting yet everyones profile still looks like this:
  2. It doesn't seem to be working. Perhaps because our members have multiple groups and some are set to disabled whereas some are set to enabled? Members are seeing the following in their profile page: And the support tool logs this as an error: It still only works when primary group is set to enabled currently.
  3. Any updates on allowing secondary groups to use this feature? 🙏
  4. No worries at all, thank you so much! ❤️
  5. Don't mean to stress you (take your time!) but is there any updates regarding this? 😄
  6. HUGE THANKS!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  7. I understand... but is there no way for me to manually change something to still make it apply for secondary? Without secondary groups 90% of our users just won't be able to use the feature sadly so that's why I'm asking 😞
  8. @Adriano Faria and is it possible to please make it so people can upload songs if they are in a secondary group that has permission to do so? Right now it only seems to work for primary groups 😞 !
  9. @Adriano Faria We love this plugin, thank you! ❤️ Any chance you would consider making it remember the volume so we can set it to say 50%? And is there any plans on allowing us to resize the player/have a smaller one and maybe allow us to move its placement?
  10. Aldro

    Group Mention

    Yes! He found the bug and fixed it in the latest release 🙂
  11. Any updates? @InvisionHQ The current version works except that members cannot disable the poke system for their accounts... There is no longer any feature like that in account settings.
  12. Aldro

    Group Mention

    @kRSB- We are on the latest version but one of our members has the following groups: Yet whenever we tag him with a group called "Low Council" --> He gets notified despite not being a part of this group. Similar things have been reported by other users on our forums too. Is there nothing we can do to fix this?
  13. Aldro

    Group Mention

    We checked these and he doesn't have either of those. I will let you know if it happens again but incase anyone else reports it, atleast you now know that there may be some issue.
  14. Aldro

    Group Mention

    @kRSB -- A member is reporting that he has twice now been notified despite not being a part of particular group. Is this a known bug? Can I fix it somehow?
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