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  1. We checked these and he doesn't have either of those. I will let you know if it happens again but incase anyone else reports it, atleast you now know that there may be some issue.
  2. @kRSB -- A member is reporting that he has twice now been notified despite not being a part of particular group. Is this a known bug? Can I fix it somehow?
  3. Awesome, please send me that when you can 🙂 !
  4. @InvisionHQ Our members would love this for 4.5.x too!
  5. Please update this to 4.5! EDIT: Nvm there seems to be a built in one for this already with 4.5.x!
  6. Going to certain Pages in the PM Viewer gives me errors sadly (I'm on latest IPS and have updated PM Viewer to latest too):
  7. Running a theme here that has 3 children themes to it. The main theme does not show the groups in profile nor post. 2 of the 3 children do show them. This is with the latest update... Doesn't make any sense, such a bummer 😞 EDIT: Pressing Save on both Topic and Profile seemed to have solved this lol.
  8. @Pete T Any chance of this being updated to 4.5? I mean it still kind of works but sometimes I have to manually run the Nups task.
  9. @Pete T -- I am on 1.00 of this plugin for years now and we went to 4.5. I see that there are updates now, but if I go ahead and update, will that result in any current PHP & TXT Widgets breaking down? Will we lose content?
  10. Hey! This has been bugging me for a long time now. Imagine that I create a recurring calendar event, say... swimming classes once every friday. And on one friday, this event is cancelled. Why can I not simply remove that single instance on that particular friday without deleting the entire event which includes the future friday swimming classes? Please fix this, it is quite the annoyance!
  11. Hey, my members are seeing the countdown I made for an event on the calendar to be in different times depending on their timezone. How can I set one universal time for all users?
  12. Sadly the two emails I use arent Gmail, one is Hotmail and the other is from my University so I dont think I can link them but I guess I will look more into it. Ideally it would've been great if we could have duplicate emails for that reason. Cant one create a plugin to allow it?
  13. Hey! So I have a root account and one I will want to use aside from that for posting and such. I am aware that there is no possibility to use one email for two accounts however I was wondering if its possible that this gets added in the future? I have my email linked to my cellphone and it is difficult to recieve notifications about registrations as well as personal messages without having the same email.
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