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  1. Since leaderboard update i now have to many items where the days won part is in profile. Messes things up on tablet. The extra item is the donations value on profiles. been asking that this honors having the settings disabled for a while now. Can it be bug fixed please. It still showing on my admin account even though it is disabled. The DonateChanges tab also still shows!
  2. Can i suggest embeds be put on a toggle for each embed! Would give better control of embeds and fix a few issues by blocking ones that can NOT be fixed!
  3. Good idea's tend to get implemented.... Do i look worried? Nah IPS got this sorted
  4. Would be nice to notify users when content has been moved or split or merged also.
  5. Can i make a suggestion? A setting to disable usage of usergroups in leaderboard... Why?? Admins/Mods post the most on my site and many others... I feel as though we might steal thunder from normal members. so thus i'd like to remove myself from any such leaderboard!
  6. Bump! since this would make the forums app stand out against all others.
  7. I want to share something i think this software needs for anyone that used it to host a community! To best explain what my filtering idea is i am going to share a quote with you that states my beliefs. I am wondering if something like this could be used in addition to the ignore functions to create filters. This would put the power of content back in the hands of the user, lessen the load on admins and create a nicer atmosphere that will help forums become more flexible to a their userbase and please these many different types of people. Self censorship is the only good kind of censorship. I am wondering if anyone else would be interested in seeing this and if its even technically possible or if it would be too resource hungry!
  8. Might be a language string issue?
  9. All is good now. I had a personal issue that caused other issues. As i had been testing! I do have one thing i am unhappy with however. Not technically a bug but might be worth mentioning. On mobile the author, avatar and posted time leaves too much of a white space for me. First image is how it is for me. Even with the toggle settings, the white space is too much! The other 2 images are what i was aiming to create with css but it broke so much so i scrapped that idea. But i am including because they do look good? and might give you idea's Not major but worth mentioning like i said.
  10. Will you be working on making these templates mobile and tablet friendly?? I notice some issues with avatars and ratings that's all! Ruins the nice looks!
  11. I wouldn't suppose anyone knows how to add a field that will automatically show which category an item was posted in? and then display it? I did it before but can't remember how now
  12. I checked again fully! Went through edits again to make sure nothing was wrong. When you paste a link it is an image that when clicked takes you to the video page. This happens in the debugger and in the embed as you post in editor on facebook. BUT once the share is posted. It no longer follows that and reverts to playing a white video. This seems to have fixed it for me. /* Add thumbnail to meta */ if( $video->thumbnail ) { \IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['og:image'] = \IPS\File::get( 'videos_Thumbs', $video->thumbnail )->url; \IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['meta_imagesrc'] = \IPS\File::get( 'videos_Thumbs', $video->thumbnail )->url; \IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['og:image:width'] = "398"; \IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['og:image:height'] = "224"; } if( $video->video_type == 'media_url' OR !$video->video_type ) { \IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['medium'] = "video"; }
  13. Could always just add "no description" string? if no description is added! I tried a few. New and old and i re-cached using the facebook debugger. I messed around for a little while. sadly the same. -- I'm not sure but would i be right in suggesting that youtube videos should fake a video look in fb share. (that might be easier?) have it display the thumbnail image and title. And when clicked just jump to the video viewing page. Just seems like it might fix this issue?
  14. Different issue for me. I want my users to see donations. But i do not want them to see the send donations stuff. So i disabled it. But for me and anyone who accessed profile while it was enabled we have the donations changes tab on profile and we have the donations text next to content count. It never went away when i disabled it.
  15. Edit: Looks like that did not fix the fb share issue! still plays blank white video when clicked! Also my meta tag issue! If a video has a description it includes it in the meta tags when sharing but if no description is added then when i share it the description reverts to text from the donations app. So when i post videos without a description it looks like i am begging for money not a good position. Any idea's?
  16. Seems to be only videos without descriptions. Any way to add a piece of text if no description is added? So it wont pick a random site meta description!
  17. Community User Engagement Features! Just an idea i will toss out! It would be nice to have some kind of incentive to get users posting more actively. I know that in a few cases just simply providing a nudge is more than enough. So how to do that without telling users to just post more? Well you could have a page that listed a daily to do list for members, Post 10 threads, Make 30 replies...etc etc make it all configurable. And have it reset daily. This would give some users an extra reason to post, encouraging the flow of discussion! Maybe reset the daily likes if you have them limited for those that complete the to do list also?
  18. Some way to indicate when a members daily like limit resets publicly? Because i am always getting asked when do they reset. And they be all over the world. I'm not sure how the system works so... Some way to do this? then members could just go look!
  19. Donation changes is still showing so its ignoring permissions for me still. I can also still see the donations count next to content count. any eta on a fix?
  20. I get the same. Additionally everytime i share a video now the description is also replaced with meta data from the donations page.
  21. Did you make any progress with pulling from RSS. I think it would be really useful for my community!
  22. I'd want this depending on how it was added. Maybe just a simple dropdown that appears when you type an entry into the title with top 5 results of similar items??
  23. I've got two other mentions also. Nothing serious but i noticed it. Issue 1: LOCATION: Viewing a video entry as a guest - The Sign in to follow this text section seems to be massive in comparison to the same text on a thread. also sometimes it seemed to affect the follow button css next to it on a video page also. Issue 2: Meta tag related! If i share a video page from my site, and the video is a youtube. It will embed as a image on all sites but facebook and twitter. On twitter it embeds as a youtube video. But on facebook it embeds as youtube video with blank video content. so when people click to play the video i linked it just plays white screen and nothing more. No redirect to the site etc. Not sure if this is a fb issue though.
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