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  1. I know midnightmodding more than likely has a demo system but until then I can tell you I sent most of the requirements over to him so I have it already in production. Midnightmodding has done some good work on this. Here is some screen shots until he can respond if this helps: Here is the place you make picks: Here is the leader-board section I hid my members names but they are on the far left and snipped on this screen shot.: Place where you add the games to a week on the pick em: The system works quite well. This is a straight up pick em just like the old one but it has sidebars for leaderboards and the pick section is better than before. Adding games is easier as well than in the old one. So far I have liked it. I did a test run last week an results and it marked the game results correct or incorrect and it worked well. Games auto disappeared at the time of kickoff so picks cannot be picked on after kickoff. Mods can view picks before the games are marked but base members cannot see who picked what until after the games are marked. Again so far system is working well. I harassed midnightmodding forever on this and I know he worked hard on it and I think the product has turned out well. So far I am very happy with it I know he will more than likely send you a test demo link but thought some images might help until then
  2. I have it installed and so far so good. I like it. With any new modification there might be bugs but so far I haven't seen many. I am really liking this new version. Works much like the old one. But there is many improvements like a Sidebar widget leaderboard and I like the layout better
  3. He's doing a good rebuild for all of us. If you want something close to this old mod get on board. I've given him all the requirements. I think we'll have a good mod.
  4. Well it looks like only one person wants to rebuild this. I just hope he gets time to do it. Football season is right around the corner
  5. I would use it or NCAA and NFL games. I loved it am miss it
  6. So how many people would be interested if we get this updated for this type of pick em for the latest version of Invision forums? A few I have spoken with are debating building a separate one like this and I would like to see all the interested parties if we could get this built by before football season kicks off. would you be willing to pay for it again since this one is now dead?
  7. Nevermind on the RSS stuff I figured that out. I just need to know is there a way to auto create topics in the main forum when a new video is added. Also Still cannot get these images to auto fit and size into the settings in the CSS. So any ideas?
  8. you can find the css for the category listing for you theme in the defaults.css. you will need to confgure the video services like youtube, go to the acp->community->media->settings, you will see several tabs there. on the general and category tab you can tell it which apps to ignore and which nodes/subnodes to ignore. on the services tabs, you will find links to how to get their api keys and how to configure them to work. OK I am still having issues. I adjusted everything and I am still getting it off center. I just want any image auto sized to cleanly fit at say 90px by 90px. I adjusted in all three areas and kept messing with it and and the line setting and the size changes in both places and still looks weird. As for the auto topic I am assuming this is for if someone posts in a certain area that can be grabbed and added? But is there a way to auto topic INTO a forum when a video is posted in the media application itself? Is there any RSS settings for this application?
  9. I have a question the media application. When I shrink down the thumbnails or attached file when I link to a video like a youtube video the forum image is distorted. Like i t is being stretched and moved to the right in the area where the image for the addition is added in the media topics. Is there a way to make the images be centered and/or made to fill the area cleanly? Also I was wondering I thought there was a auto topic for adding videos but I dont see one is there not?
  10. Let me type up a description. I'll send you a pm. Sound good?
  11. Understood. If you go up through this topic there is a link to the xenforo version. Also the mod has a description at the beginning.
  12. Pete thanks for the reply. We're just looking for straight up pick em software. No brackets. Just admin adds teams and matchups for a week and members pick. Get a point for each correct one. Leaderboard tracks picks and we announce the winner after the season is over. I have a copy of the ipb version 3.4 version. The owner of the app isn't responding. We just need it ported to work on version 4. Since version 4 is a total rework porting it over should be a total rework. n
  13. Well our site lost tons of volume because no one could recreate this model. So season is lost. Is there anyone before I migrate my site to another software that can rebuild this for version 4 of ipb?
  14. I will PM a URL to you BTW... When I say That is the results..... So not sure exactly what part is getting lost in the translation
  15. As stated above in my post I did it BOTH WAYS. Manually and RSS and the post HAD an attached image at the first post of the topic. As matter of fact your super topics mod catches it with no problem. Also stated in my post above, I already scraped with FB debug.
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