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  1. Please submit a ticket so that we can take a look at this.
  2. There's an explicit button to follow only version updates.
  3. Correct If you're using the built in advertisement manager to show google adsense, make sure to disable the "Show on non-content based pages" setting
  4. Do you really need IP.Downloads for this? Can’t you use topics to upload the file ?
  5. This shouldn't happen, could you please submit a ticket so that we can take a look at this?
  6. No, that's a global moderator permission affecting all available blocks.
  7. Do you mean the whole block or the feature? You could create a block via the ACP, which would allow you to set the view permissions for the block.
  8. Please submit a ticket and we’ll take a look at this.
  9. This was actually added to IPS 4.5.4, but it's not retroactive! When you merge 2 topics, IPS will store the removed topic id and redirect to the other topic with a 301 status code.
  10. This would require a custom plugin
  11. what's in your callback? I would suggest to take a look at the Request:.confirmedDelete function to see what it is actually doing;)
  12. No, that’s not possible without any customizations.
  13. Please accept my apologies, I answered your question without thinking further and realising what you really wanted to do.. It was really a busy day. As Nathan said, we'll address this.
  14. I would suggest to review the API files, Some of the links in the php doc headers are wrong! I would also suggest to fix all the hints to the forums & topics which happened by c&p the code, which are confusing clients (e.g. the forum reference mentioned above) While looking at the ticket, Ive also noticed some references to topics which should probably be links.
  15. The client has submitted a ticket and I can confirm that it is a bug in your application.
  16. Have you tried to accomplish this with the pages application? You could create 2 databases, one for the job offers and another for the instructors to offer their services.
  17. Please submit a ticket so that we can take a look at this.
  18. Have you probably associated the app with the wrong MP file while the 4.5 onboarding? We can take a look at this if you submit a ticket.
  19. New purchases were already disabled few weeks ago.
  20. That's still the used cookie, but it's being removed while the registration. Where are you trying to access it?
  21. Hi, what iOS version are you using? It works fine for me on the iPad and iPhone.
  22. The metadata field isn't unused, it's used by the meta data system, which in fact is perfect for your use case! You could create an application with a proper meta data extension for topics to flag the topic:) You can find more information about the feature in our dev guides:
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