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  1. Hi @Mike John It appears that Donations is growing back an error since the latest update to [[Template core/front/global/navBarItems is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  2. Tibory


    @-RAW- @Morrigan I recently tried to uninstall the Rewards app as we were having some issues with it not updating or showing the error information, it appears we can't even remove it. http://pasteboard.co/1gyra3p3.png Any ideas for a fix, so I can do a clean install?
  3. Hello @Mike John, do you have a screenshot of the secondary solution you suggested. Also a suggestion for a future update, it would be nice if we could create copies of the member rewards in order to make multiple rewards of the same nature quickly.
  4. Hello @Mike John, Just a question as the member rewards have me a bit confused - I am looking to have rewards as below: £10 - 30 Days promotion to donator group £20 - 60 Days promotion to donator group £30 - 90 Days promotion to donator group £40 - 120 Days promotion to donator group £50 - 180 Days promotion to donator group £60 - 210 Days promotion to donator group £70 - 300 Days promotion to donator group £100 - 1 Year promotion to donator group Do I need to make a separate member reward for each of these or is there a simplier way? Bryan
  5. I've managed to fix the indent issue but I now can't seem to put a clear separation between the left and right articles they seem to but touching. Is there anyways to add a gap between these?
  6. For some reason, after the main article that appears at the top I seem to get an indent on the others...any idea why? @Ralf Herrmann - Have you got any idea on this?
  7. So how would you suggest I change it? also http://i.imgur.com/99fv72E.png?1 on the picture - the bottom left box is indented for no reason.
  8. Just an question - I am still getting a red </section> at the bottom with this code <section class='ipsType_normal ipsSpacer_both'> {{if count($articles)}} <div class='ipsGrid ipsGrid_collapsePhone'> {{foreach $articles as $id => $record}} {{if ($id == 0)}} <div class='ipsGrid_span12'> {{else}}<div class='ipsGrid_span6'> {{endif}} {template="entry" app="cms" location="database" group="article_grid" params="$record, $database"} </div> {{endforeach}} </div> {{endif}} </section>Any idea why?
  9. You set the terms when you took on the project. Which you are now twisting to suite your own argument. For the record of anyone reading this topic. This is not a flame war or anything more, The developer is hard to contact and thus the need to post here which is where he would most likely look. I have requested the developer to give me access to the product on the marketplace and informed him I won't be buying his services again. Thanks
  10. Okay - You can sell it but whoever buys it can't use it because only I can use it! Your terms and conditions are wrong. How can you justify $45 for something you were going to put on the Marketplace for $8.50? and don't say custom because it's not custom at all it's a copy and paste.
  11. You said 'You can use it only' I paid for a plugin for my community which you said YOU i.e ME can use it only. Not for you to add the same code back to the marketplace for a crazy reduced price!
  12. It's not just that - How he can charge me $45 and everyone else $8.50 isn't at all ethical! If he wants to put it out to the open community I want a $36.50 refund!
  13. This developer is a discredit to the developer community. This plugin was developed for my community by request. The developer charged me $45 for this plugin which later turned out to have a number of bugs making it unusable. I can't download the latest version because I didn't buy it via the Marketplace but by personal request and I won't be paying again!!! By further research the Plugin that is being sold on the Marketplace for $8.50 is the same plugin this developer charged me $45 for! Telling me it's bespoke and custom. I will be taking this up with IPS because you can't charge someone 45$ and then publicly sell the same product for $8.50. That is just exploitation!
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