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  1. I saw it on multiple wordpress popup plugins like ninja popups
  2. Could you add option to open popup when someone wants to close a TAB?
  3. Welcome, I can't change pages in topics (move to next, previous, click selected page) after activation of SSL (Let's encrypt). How can I fix it? I know that disabling AJAX pagination in theme option changes that but I do not think it's only way... I want it turned on. Thanks for any help.
  4. @Joel R Do you know if its available for v4?
  5. Welcome, is there a way to search in IPB 4.16 or community database for IP addresses that were used more than once for reqistration? Thanks for any clues!
  6. @-RAW- Could you check if your mod is compatible with new version of IPB? Couse I got problems when I want to create subforum (your mod is not getting along).
  7. Iwooo


    Where is it in ACP?
  8. Iwooo


    I cannot manage awards (same error as others). Also...where I can manually add award on people's profile? Where is a button to add an award?
  9. つ ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Take my energy Waiting for it.
  10. Is it possible to show bumped posts in domain.com/discover/ and /discover/unread/ ?
  11. Okay, I will wait for your solution.
  12. I bumped topic. There should be last unread from this topic.
  13. I changed it and still nothing new in post after bumps.
  14. Bumped topics do not show in recent posts in your plugin. Sorry for lack of information.
  15. I bought this plugin but "Bumping Topics" does not work for posts in it. Could you fix it?
  16. Welcome, I've just updated to version 4.1.8 of IPB. And when I created topic I found very bad thing for me ;/ In 3.4 when you mark graphic in editor and hit hiperlink then your photo was anchor of link.... now it's impossible with "insert other media" and hiperlink tool ;/ How to do it in rich text editor?
  17. DawPi done some great work for my community. Not only provide usefull hooks and application, but also done excellent update and fixes.
  18. Iwooo

    [HQ] Awards

    After instalation color's of user's groups (admins, mods etc) dissapear in few places. How can I fix that? :)
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