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  1. Nvm, everything works fine
  2. Welcome, how can I count user pageviews? I need it for facebook ads (pixel). Event looks like this on my friends wordpress blog: fbq('trackCustom', 'PageViewCounter', {Counter: '{{Cookie - pageviewCount}}'}); What should I insert in this custom parameter? Here are some insights about facebook pixel events - https://developers.facebook.com/docs/ads-for-websites/pixel-events/v2.11#events Thanks for help!
  3. @Fosters Hi, do you have ETA for OneSignal implementation available? I would buy it right away with that function!
  4. Iwooo

    Bulk PM

    I support @Caez77 idea. It's crucial function! Cron sending would be awesome also, it's taking a long time for bigger communities.
  5. @opentype If it supports this plugin it would be awesome -
  6. It takes +10 sec (normally 3-5) to load main page.
  7. Hi @Adriano Faria. This plugin is ultra laggy on my board (260k posts, 25k topics). What can I do?
  8. Welcome, Could you tell me @TAMAN which setting is changing this color?
  9. I bought it couse I though it's possible to move those blocks ;/
  10. Is it possible to move those block from sidebar to above or below content?
  11. Is it possible to change color/delete those separators?
  12. Welcome, which setting is corresponds to this color? I've changed it and now I can't find it. Thanks for help!
  13. @TAMAN I've send you PM. Menu is not working on new theme.
  14. Hi @TAMAN, what about my questions?
  15. Welcome, 1. do you have any idea why my menu do not move to "more" section? http://prntscr.com/gp4ecf 2 . how can I change background of unread subforums/forums to be different than read forums?
  16. @Meddysong I think I want to achive something different than you mentioned. I want to edit my main page of database and then edit main page of category but without editing any other page (for example records) - is it possible?
  17. @opentype Where I can find this setting?
  18. How can I add text visible only on main page and category view but not on record view? If I add a text via wyswig editor on category view I see it also in record view.
  19. @TAMAN I was thinking about some arrow or something when there is a dropdown under menu position. Like here:
  20. @TAMAN Is it possible to distinguish items in menu that can me expaned from ones that are just single positions?
  21. @TAMAN Is it possible to have icons next to forum categories in this theme? Like that - http://prntscr.com/g6biuq
  22. Will it be possible to customize reactions?
  23. I've been waiting for this. This is crucial for every community. I hope you will add more SEO improvements in future.
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