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  1. I think you need to get out more. There are much more interesting things to be doing at night... even whilst dreaming... :) Ted.
  2. Okay, thanks for clarifying Brandon even if its not a feasible option. Still would be nice though if there was some way around it without driving system resources through the roof...
  3. There are always around it but it would be nice to have an improved system rather than the alternative... Ted.
  4. The trashcan is open to everyone so members can read why their post may have been trashed (if a moderator or admin did it). If posts from private or "elevated" forums get trashed they are even more noticeable and accessible now... :rolleyes: Ted.
  5. I just noticed if a member deletes a post they had created (or a moderator/admin deletes a post) to the trashcan it now becomes a new topic and gets listed in the Recently Added Topics window box thing on the index page. I don't think it should be like this? Would be nice if it can be configured to ignore certain forums (such as the Trashcan) or just ignore split topics/unassigned topics... Ted.
  6. Have a look at the image below: As you can see it says there are 4 new entries. Is it possible to have it expanded so it informs the user there are x number of new entries in which field rather than having to individually click on the tabs to find out there is a new item? Even having a little icon/mark on each tab to identify that it has new content there would be really handy. I also noticed under the Members tab after clicking (Mark all items as read) does not mark all new members as having been read. Is this a bug or meant to be as it is now? Ted.
  7. I would like to see the old link method used again, it is much easier viewing things this way and I agree a lot of people have no idea using CTRL+Click = a new window or that clicking the middle mouse button does the same thing (if it is configured to do that) I went to Topics, Posts and Polls and enabled Open posted links in a new window. Whilst this activated the links I have to wait until the whole page (or a large percentage of it) has loaded in the browser before the links can open in a new window. Maybe this has something to do with the Java script being used?... Ted.
  8. There is already a bug report filed started by someone else. It seems I am not the only person to have the issue, a few others have reported it. It could be that the personal option on viewing new content since last visit or unread content is just a settings issue but I had been offline for quite some time before coming back which, is what the configuration was set for... Ted.
  9. There must be bug because Currently in DST? always gets re-enabled after I refresh the index page a couple of times, notice its gone an hour out then back to checking/correcting the settings... Ted.
  10. Well... it does work but eventually it reverts back to ticking (enabling) Currently in DST? so the clock goes an hour out. I have thought about raising it as a bug in Tracker but I was hoping to have the feature explained to me first. To be honest I don't understand why the two options are needed, IPB2 method worked fine with just the one Auto correct DST? option... Ted.
  11. I know what the DST is meant to do but why the need for the second option, Currently in DST? If I tick DST correction but leave Currently in DST? unticked it is still shows an hour out. Ted.
  12. I have been looking at the DST correction option and wondering why Currently in DST? option is needed? Maybe I am being a bit dense - and I will apologies for that now - but is this extra option really needed? Ted.
  13. For a long, long, long time (version IPB2+ onwards) I have had the problem of "new content" not always showing up everything or anything when I click through to read new topics and posts that have been created from when I last visited the board. I read in IPB3 all this was to be redone to improve/fix this problem and also make it better when logging in from different machines (like at home or work for example). You can imagine my disappointment this morning when I checked my board and I had a number of new topics and posts but when clicking "new content" all I got was, "Sorry, no new content found." So whats the deal, when is this ever going to be fixed fully because it is the most annoying and frustrating feature in IPB that has never worked properly since day dot? Ted.
  14. Fair enough :) Been away on holiday didn't want to miss out... Ted.
  15. Is that IPB3 skinning competition still going on - who won? Not seen any news on this other than the competition announcement. Will the winning skin be included in future IPB3 releases? Ted.
  16. Be nice to see a live demo. Can someone link us up with one please? Ted.
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