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  1. "-1 queued posts", is this normal behaviour? Ted.
  2. That makes some sense. I still believe having more granular control to allow "Upload Attachments" in each forum complements "Download Attachments". This allows some flexibility while still maintaining the option for incentives... Ted.
  3. Pretty much as the title suggests. It would be nice if there were an option in a forums permission settings to "Upload Attachments" next to "Download Attachments". I have some forums that I do not want specific groups uploading files in to. As far as I am aware the only way to prevent a group from uploading a file in to a forum seems to be by disabling uploads for that group. Unfortunately that disables uploading across all forums. I have never fully understood why you would want to allow a user group to upload files in to a forum and yet disallow downloads in that forum by disabling "Download Attachments". It makes a bit more sense to me to have "Upload Attachments" as an option in each forums permission settings... Ted.
  4. Thank you for attaching the theme here for all of us. Trying it out now... Ted.
  5. That looks good and work much better on mobile, particularly at night. Hopefully IPS picks up on this and is willing to support a dark theme in their next release... Ted.
  6. +1 for a default dark theme with the Community Suite... Ted.
  7. I noticed a little while back you can view Downloads and Gallery indexes as categories rather than in their default images (is this the correct terminology?) view. This can be done by appending "categories/" to the end of the URL. Question is, how to make the category view the default view? Is a category view possible within Blogs? I attempted to append "categories/" to the Blogs URL without success. Ted.
  8. @Matt I am ahead of you on this one and previously suggested this to some members of my community. A recent reply in this regard goes along the lines of... I don't need the bookmark feature myself though I can understand why members in my community would like to see this. Something basic is all that is required, bookmark a topic or post then a page to find them and edit bookmarks... Ted.
  9. A basic bookmark feature integrated in the suite will be fine and all that is required... Ted.
  10. Thank you for the reply. I had already seen and considered this before. I see a need for a basic bookmark feature as something that could be incorporated in the community suite. I don't feel like it needs to be as thorough or as heavily featured as the plugin. No disrespect to the author, for the needs of my community I can't justify a subscription for an extensive bookmark plugin like that... Ted.
  11. I am proposing a feature for a future addition in the community suite, the possibility for members to bookmark topics and/or posts and manage those bookmarks. Currently members can follow content so maybe an expansion of the Manage Followed Content feature. Thoughts? Ted.
  12. I have never experienced a timeout similar to this in the forums, it has only occurred for me in the AdminCP. Any settings to allow changing the timeout duration or a prompt for an extension of time would be perfect. Even saving the contents located in CKEditor of AdminCP, so that after logging back in, it is still there to be used would be great. I believe this is something already being done from the front-end... Ted.
  13. I was recently in AdminCP editing the terms and privacy policy. Whilst I was busy typing away my login period must have expired. When I hit the save button I was sent to the login page and all my work was lost. The third time this occurred I nearly mashed my keyboard through my desk. Maybe I am slow at thinking/typing and I need to work on improving that. Anyway... the point is it would be nice if there was a prompt to warn me that I am about to timeout. Other sites do a similar thing and give you the option to extend and continue working. An implementation like this may save a keyboards life... Ted.
  14. I would like to propose an idea for a future community suite feature, the support for free text QR code generation. If the community software supported this I could, for example; use it during the sign up process for bot control or allow members to use it to generate contact details. When/if the suite supports SVG it will be a nice addition to take advantage of it. I am sure it could be usefully used elsewhere across the community suite... Ted.
  15. I am getting a similar message. Came here to report the same problem... Ted.
  16. I haven't raised a support ticket for them to take a look. I have left it with the affected members to update their avatars... Ted.
  17. I noticed something similar happened on my board too after updating to 4.2, not all profile pics though some of them... Ted.
  18. That is actually the situation I find myself in. Deleting members with no content shouldn't need to see this message. Do you know if it will be possible to convert previously deleted members with the Guest_ prefix to "keep name" in the future? Ted.
  19. I'm experiencing the exact same thing, never had this before. I have been unable to locate any information about the change in the latest release notes... Any guidance on this is greatly appreciated... Ted.
  20. Have you got this sorted? Where are the links to the images pointing to? Ted.
  21. This is how it looks here... <img src='/html/flags/{content}.png'><br/><b>{content}</b> Ted.
  22. I have forums where I would ideally like to approve all posts when an attachment has been added and not have to review and approve each and every post. Is it possible to add an option in a forums settings that allows me to do this, approve posts that have an attachment please? Ted.
  23. Would be greatly appreciated, thank you for taking a look... Ted.
  24. @AutoItScript, I noticed your plugin filters post content. Is it possible for it to filter users posting attachments so they can be checked and moderated for approval? Ted.
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