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  1. Is anyone else having a problem with the "Create Request" button not doing anything when clicked on? Tried on a number of different browsers and OS's... Ted.
  2. Confirmed. It was happening here and I put it down to Invisible reCAPTCHA. "Good" to see I am not the only one experiencing this... Ted.
  3. I see where it is. Administrators are unrestricted so not sure why files are still not showing up in the approval queue... Ted.
  4. Thank you for the reply and assistance. Yes, I am an Administrator. I am not sure what you mean regarding hide/ unhide. I believe that is a different function unrelated to approving files in Downloads (of forum topics). Hidden posts and topics would be listed in the "hidden content" section of the Moderator CP and not the "Approval Queue"... Ted.
  5. That is what I would have thought. There are currently files waiting to be approved ("This file is not yet approved and is only visible to staff.") in Downloads yet they are not showing up in the approval queue of the Moderators CP. Is there something else that needs to be done/ enabled to make this happen? Ted.
  6. In Downloads is there a quick and easy way to see all the files waiting to be approved by staff? If there are a lot of files being uploaded files are being missed so they sit there until someone accidentally notices or the uploader sends a PM to ask what's happening... Ted.
  7. There are five time time zones in mainland Australia, which one is local? What type of support are you needing/ expecting? Analogy, you ask for help with your car then when help arrives your expectation is to assemble you a kit car... Ted.
  8. I came here with a similar question seeking a similar answer. I have topics I would like to merge with a file in Downloads or the other way around, move Downloads posts to a new or existing topic. Any ideas? Ted.
  9. Even AusPost, the postal service app in Australia, now has a dark mode. Instead of being a follower and late adopter the Community Suite should be leading the way, setting benchmarks. After all, "Everybody is choosing "Night Mode" nowadays...." Ted.
  10. Thanks for the correction. I recall the plugin/ feature being good and reliable for what I needed it for, automatically pruning the trashcan of topics x days old... Ted.
  11. Getting a bit tired of the annual (manual) pruning. Any update on reintroducing the auto prune feature in to the Community Suite? Ted.
  12. I do not support this comment. Two thumbs and two toes down to show my disapproval. 😭 Good work on the AdminCP changes though, dark mode looks excellent. Thank you... Ted.
  13. In Downloads I am having the same issue and was wondering how I can have stars without reviews? A secondary problem is even when reviews are enabled and the member group/s are allowed to rate (give stars) they are all greyed out... 😕 Ted.
  14. Is there a way/ it would be nice - to always have Downloads default to category view? The same category view to be applied when clicking through to sub-categories would be nice too. This is good... https://forum.tuts4you.com/files/categories/ This is bad... https://forum.tuts4you.com/files/ Ted.
  15. I have noticed the same "problem" though I have used it more as a feature. It is handy, when I have lots of tabs open, to quickly distinguish which AdminCP tab/s I need to click on... Ted.
  16. When going to "Search the Community" page it would be good to have some tips show up on how to better use the search function. Currently you have to enter a search term before something like this appears, "Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching for: The phrase "search term" search AND term Newest results first search term in content titles only". You can also search for short words using the star/asterix appended to the end, such as, "UPX*". This does not appear to be explained anywhere... Ted.
  17. Throwing in my $0.00001 in for WebP. Also SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) support would be really nice and a long needed bonus to the Community Suite. WebP can be deployed through the PageSpeed module (if installed). I have trialled WebP a few times through PageSpeed and no one has ever reported any problems to me... Ted.
  18. Removing old features in new releases to then later add new features from old releases. Hmmm... 🙄 Ted.
  19. +1 for IPS giving customers/users of their Community Suite the option to enable or disable a built in dark theme. This being dependent on users personal preference and not dictated to on the preference of IPS staff and management... 😋 Ted.
  20. There have been a couple of disposable domains passing through that I have found on other aggregated lists and at validator.pizza. Two examples were: anggraas.club royalweb.email Not sure if they are now listed on Kickbox as I do not know of a way to manually check. I manually added them to the "Non-Registrable Email Address" ban list in the Community Suite. This was one of the reasons why I wanted to be able to add and parse custom lists. Another feature that I thought may be good to add would be to check all the domains manually added to the ban list and report if they are now duplicates with Kickbox? Then have the ability to remove them from the manually added "Non-Registrable Email Address" ban list. *@anggraas.club Ted.
  21. Is it possible to add a feature to import a list of disposable email domains from an external link - or even manually? Maybe even with the ability to for it to automatically update like every 24 hours? https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andreis/disposable-email-domains/master/domains.txt Ted.
  22. IPS will hopefully be trend setters, leading by example on dark/night theme modes. Not following in the footsteps of social media platforms and industry competitors. Hopefully I sold that well enough... 🤞 Ted.
  23. It seems to have corrected itself after another topic waiting for approval was submitted. This is the second time I can recall this happening, the first time being last year and was - again - corrected after another topic was waiting approval. If it occurs again I will submit a ticket... Ted.
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