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  1. Ok. This sounds great. Thank you for answering. I'm already keen to get IP. Content 2.0 :) Great work!
  2. Something similar to YUI Rich Text Editor would be nice. Some WYSIWYG also allow to dynamically resize the image (by dragging it) within the RTE as well. This makes much sense for me especially for IP. Content articles / texts etc. Brandon, thank you very much for your time and efforts to answer our questions and suggestions! Hopefully you guys will consider these suggestions for one of the next improvements of the RTE editor. As always, keep up the good work!
  3. Image upload and image positioning via RTE are still features that I would love to see in one of the next versions. This would be very user friendly especially for the IP. Articles module that uses the RTE editor...
  4. [url="[Feature Sugestion]Image Attachment displaying in the content not separately As suggested by Brandon I post this in this forum. My suggestions concerns the RTE editor, especially for IP.Content. However, since RTE editor is part of IPB itself, I post this here as well. 1. Image upload and resize My users need to easily insert an image to an IP.Content article they add. It is very annoying uploading the image to a different host and then insert it in the article. It would be nice if the RTE editor is extended in a way to allow (with a special additional permissions I guess) images upload and insert. Some of my articles have 10+ images. I also should be able to put a custom size upon image insert eventually by dynamically resizing the image within RTE editor OR by putting custom width/height within the RTE editor. 2. Image positioning One more feature that I need very much not only for the IP Content databases but also for the blogs (and maybe forums but not so important) is float: letf, float: right for image. It would be very nice if I can easily define using RTE how to position my image. As I know, currently the only way to do it is using HTML code. This is very difficult for my community users. BBcode is not user friendly enough for my community especially for IP.articles.
  5. Would there be a way to easily import the demo site into existing IP. Content 1.2 installations? I love very much the skin of the 2.0 site + the demo pages / databases and I would like to convert my existing 1.2 site to the new feel and look. How I could do it?
  6. IP Content 2.0 is awesome

  7. This is great news. I remember that some versions ago this was available. I'm very happy to hear that this feature is back again!
  8. Great news! It would be nice if in IP.Content 2.0 there is a plugin for simple search box integration on any IP.Content page.
  9. Sounds really great. I will be happy to see more pre-made skins (combination of wrapper + CSS file) to choose from.
  10. Great. Thank you for taking in consideration the groups request! It will be really nice if you can add forums settings as well so that specific forums could be excluded from showing ads!
  11. Finally! Thank you! It will be really nice to have an option for adding ads withing the first post, maybe on the right of the text. Another very very useful feature would be groups / forums control. Ads must show only for specific groups and forums.
  12. My main suggestions are: - more control on the sidebar -> easy adding of custom new blocks ability to add html and php to new blocks ability to easily add block feeds as in ip.content; for ex. -> latest posts from x forum, latest downloads / images / ip.content articles, most popular topics / articles / images / downloads etc.; RSS from other sites; Random images / topics / articles / downloads, image/topic/download/article of the day etc blocks to show not only on the home forum page but on subforums as well and possibly on topics view blocks permissions -> which block to show in which forum/subforum for which groups ability to control sidebar width - tags for topics allowing similar topics to show + tag cloud to show on forum home page as a block possibly integration with the tags system of ip.blog, ip.content, ip.downloads Show not only similar topics but also similar blog post, ip.content articles, ip.gallery images, ip.downloads - integrated google sitemap not only for ipb but for all ip applications Additional suggestions are: - google ads integration -> ability to put google ads in different places (header, sidebar block, within first post, below the first post, footer etc.) with permission system per group/forum - when I write a post and midtime someone posts in the same topic, I must be notified - contact us page with varoius options - force some members to re-confirm/remind the board rules; if they do not reconfirm, they get banned I know that for some of the above there are 3rd party solutions already but it would be nice if these are integrated as native options. As always keep up the good work!
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