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  1. @Ehren That fixed it, thank you so much
  2. http://www.rootie.me is the site. I havent made any types if changes to the default theme
  3. Not sure what you mean by make a new default theme. Like designate another theme to be default?
  4. thanks for the reply. I have included some screenshots both with shorter text in post and one with a different theme and it all comes with same problem.
  5. I am using the default theme and this big huge area with nothing is there. Anyway to populate it with something or make it go away for something??
    Seems like an awesome Addon, I set it all up just not sure why its not showing up.
  6. that is what I did, I would not recommend on a normal forum but I was doing it for my test forum. Don't need any of that.
  7. THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED! I found the file I need to edit to remove the password change field safely.
  8. it is a test forum for my theme, I either need the account they create to last no more then 24hrs (maybe send an email if possible when expired) or something where I can create an account that limits them access to changing anything in the UserCP. How much would you charge to make the plugin?
  9. I need something so when the user visits my demo forum, creates and account, after so long it deletes it, or a way to have a demo account where they cant change the password. Like is there a file that I can edit to remove the whole field for the password in the userCP?
  10. anyway to make an an account delete after so long?
  11. Is there a way to make a demo user? I want to fix it so they can't change the password or well anything in the profile. I want to do this to just one account.
  12. Version 1.0.5


    This is TheSaint. I wanna thank Storm developers for allowing me to take over this project and keep it moving to the next step of its future. I am working on getting something together for it and will release an update soon for everyone. =============================== Multi Purpose IPS Theme that has various options and settings to make this theme very customizable, It is great for a nice clean website and projects you are looking to setup thats different from the rest with a few tweaks of the settings. The choice is totally up to you Support: IPS Forums Personal Messages Website click here Demo: click here Theme Basics: Fully Responsive Included Master XMLs ( Blue ) & Outter Dark Red Included Multipur Dark (Since Release 1.0.2) Theme options of this theme has a range of features, Listed below these are the additional options that extends the core IPS standard colors and settings. Header: Add Favicon Logo Max Height ( So fits well with your design and is not going to be too large) Enable Full Width Logo Use of a background image if you do not wish to use a standard color Gradient Options and angle degree if you dont want standard color or background image Footer: Choice to use original IPS footer or use our called “Mega Menu” Options to edit mega menu background, font color, link color, link hover color Footer Gradient Color Options and angle degree Use of background image Edit links and menu layout from the footer tab Enable a top border with choice of color Menu: Main Nav – background options also gradient, angle degree options Main Nav Active / Hover State – background options also gradient, angle degree options Sub Menu – background and font color options also gradient, angle degree options Enable a Drop shadow and color of choice modify default menu you can add margin and rounded corners use of custom css if you wish to change the menu that fits your needs Sections (forum and sitewide section headers): Standard background color Option to enable gradient color with angle degree to change the color of choice Option to enable a border at bottom of these headers with a choice of color Widgets (sidebar / other) Standard background color choice Font color of choice Option to enable gradient with angle degree to change the color of choice Option to enable a border at bottom of these headers with a choice of color Extras: Theme Selector in Member Menu Instead of Footer Sections and Widgets Borders enable or disable Sections and Widgets Borders color of choice Enable site body background image if you wish to not use standard color Body background gradient color options with angle degree if enabled Enable Author Panel background (APB) APB – Color of choice APB – Gradient colors and angle degree of choice APB use image instead ( If you prefer to use a background image) Global Messages: Displays at top of site (sitewide) if you need to make an important announcement Title Background Gradient Colors and angle degree of choice Fully color editable on the header and content with font color of choice too. Border bottom on or off with the options to choose a color Integrations: Addthis bar on website (Needs addthis registration and publisher id) Additional: Button as you scroll down that pushes site page pack to top Plus more to come as we work on it further.
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