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  1. We are getting killed with Spammers signing up quickly via Google and going through one by one to delete them is very time consuming. Is there a faster way?
  2. @newbie LAC , any plans on updating this plugin for the newest forum version?
  3. Hello, This plugin doesn't appear to function with the newest version of the forum software. It won't let me input anything, nor can I click on anything. Attaching screenshot.
  4. Hello, this is not working with 4.2.1 for me.
  5. I purchased this plugin and it seems to work great. However, I have a very important question. I am using adsense with this plugin and the active viewable percentage is awful for the ads in the middle or towards the end of topics. Does this plugin force the ads to load for each page but only display them if X amount of posts are reached according to the plugin settings? If so, this is a big flaw and could get people in trouble with adsense for hidden ads.
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