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  1. I use Hootsuite for social promotion and it is well worth the price. Third parties who specialize in one area often times do things better than IPS. Thats a good thing. Let IPS concentrate on making the best community possible and not how to promote it on other websites.
  2. A little feedback on the gallery blocks. The image feed should be images. That is it. No title, no date, nothing else. People don't click on an image feed because of the date. People do click on an image feed because they like the image and want to see a larger version. Half of each thumbnail is taken up with name, date, title, etc. The actual image itself only gets half the space. That isn't good. Is it possible to strip down the image feed block to just a series of thumbnail images and nothing else?
  3. Hello, this is not working with 4.2.1 for me.
  4. I purchased this plugin and it seems to work great. However, I have a very important question. I am using adsense with this plugin and the active viewable percentage is awful for the ads in the middle or towards the end of topics. Does this plugin force the ads to load for each page but only display them if X amount of posts are reached according to the plugin settings? If so, this is a big flaw and could get people in trouble with adsense for hidden ads.
  5. They made very clear test sites are not supported. Not sure why anyone would assume otherwise... except for narcissism.
  6. As someone that just upgraded to 4.0 last week and uses paypal subscriptions for revenue I can tell you this is a very valid concern. If this was brought to my attention last week I probably would not have upgraded. Here is what happens, at least on my board.... Paypal continues to charge the subscription, you continue to get subscription fees. IPS is unaware that a payment is made, so subscribers lose subscription status and privileges, so naturally they contact you about it. An admin must then go and give them their privileges back manually. We are not cancelling our paypal subscriptions at
  7. http://www.carolinahuddle.com Appreciate any feedback.
  8. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards
  9. I have seen many wordpress themes that allow you to input different code for an ad in any given location depending on the screen size. Could their be another drop down in the advertisements section of ACP that specifies not only where to place the ad but for which size screen?
  10. Amy way to adjust the number of people who show on the leaderboard?
  11. Can we stop IP.Gallery from renaming the actual files to a series of digits? This is killing the SEO ability of IP.Gallery. I use descriptive file names for a reason.
  12. Thanks for looking in to these issues! Your mod has great potential. Please get it cleaned up by football season is all I ask! :)
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