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  1. russur

    New: Clubs

    Hello! If I make subscription on theme in some club, I cant see my subscription here: http://www.olgino.info/forum/followed/ Why? How can I manage subscriptions?
  2. Yes! Lack of space in first column (with photo and price) and empty space in second column.
  3. Hello Adriano! Thank for great app. Item price seems inaccurate now. Have a loook pls: http://joxi.ru/bmoVXRbuxdpnLr
  4. Please do it faster! My community need it very very much!!
  5. Thank you Stuart, everything working fine.
  6. Guys, why I can`t view "Forums" choose in my settings?
  7. My way to cleanup "Uploads" folder: 0. Make backup on your HDD! Download "Uploads" folder 1. Create new "storage method" in System - Files - Storage Settings - Configurations. You can create new Directory as example. I use Amazon S3 for it. 2. Change storage method to new for all stuff in "storage settings" (Attachments, ... , Forum Icons, ...) 3. Wait while all necessary files will be move to new destination 4. Delete all non-moved files 5. Change storage method back again What about database, maybe some old tables is present after upgrade but they is not so big. Don`t want "broke my head" delete or not Let it live...
  8. Hello. Can I make activity stream with some forum excluded? Or, with only some forums included?
  9. Thanks a lot, solve all my troubles last evening/night: 1. using .htaccess allow connections only from my IP 2. system - search - set "30 days ago" and press "rebuild search index". Index was created very fast. It is temporally. 3. Allow all connections using .htaccess 4. Upgrade MySQL to 5.6 5. Convert tables to InnoDB 6. Set caching with Xcache Now, i`m happy Working fast. For the future, will try to build big search index (my community is 11 years old, about 1,5 millions posts)
  10. Today, in 4.1 release, only memcached with port connection supported. My hosting provider support only "socket" connection. Wish it will be made in future releases. Additional info: http://php.net/manual/ru/memcache.connect.php bool Memcache::connect ( string $host [, int $port [, int $timeout ]] ) host Point to the host where memcached is listening for connections. This parameter may also specify other transports likeunix:///path/to/memcached.sock to use UNIX domain sockets, in this case port must also be set to 0. port Point to the port where memcached is listening for connections. Set this parameter to 0 when using UNIX domain sockets.
  11. Yes, it is server issue, but server is busy because of some big queries from ip.board software (wrote about it on previous page). Maybe it is rebuilding indexes... I dont know what it is, I cannot change or fix it. I can only create ticket to support (do it) and write here
  12. Thank you, I`ll do it when I get access to phpmyadmin. Now I can`t open phpmyadmin and my community site because of 502 and 504 error
  13. Yes I did it in process of upgrade, and all tables was converted to utf8.
  14. Hello! Troubles again. Now my community is down because Error 502 and 504. Hosting support says it is because very hard queries to MySQL like it: SELECT main.* FROM `ibf_core_search_index` AS `main` FORCE INDEX(`index_date_updated`) WHERE ( ( index_class IN('IPS\\core\\Statuses\\Status','IPS\\core\\Statuses\\Reply') ) OR index_class='IPS\\forums\\Topic\\Post' OR ( index_class IN('IPS\\calendar\\Event','IPS\\calendar\\Event\\Comment','IPS\\calendar\\Event\\Review') ) ) AND ( ( ( index_class IN('IPS\\core\\Statuses\\Status','IPS\\core\\Statuses\\Reply') ) AND index_is_last_comment=1 ) OR ( index_class='IPS\\forums\\Topic\\Post' AND index_is_last_comment=1 ) OR ( ( index_class IN('IPS\\calendar\\Event','IPS\\calendar\\Event\\Comment') ) AND index_is_last_comment=1 ) ) AND ( index_permissions = '*' OR ( ( FIND_IN_SET(9,index_permissions) OR FIND_IN_SET('m14842',index_permissions) ) ) ) AND index_hidden=0 AND CONCAT(index_item_id,index_class) IN(SELECT DISTINCT CONCAT(index_item_id,index_class) FROM `ibf_core_search_index` AS `sub` WHERE index_author=14842) ORDER BY index_date_updated DESC LIMIT 0,25 +----+--------------------+-------+-------+---------------+--------------------+---------+-------+-------+------------------------------+ | id | select_type | table | type | possible_keys | key | key_len | ref | rows | Extra | +----+--------------------+-------+-------+---------------+--------------------+---------+-------+-------+------------------------------+ | 1 | PRIMARY | main | index | NULL | index_date_updated | 5 | NULL | 25 | Using where | | 2 | DEPENDENT SUBQUERY | sub | ref | author_lookup | author_lookup | 4 | const | 12521 | Using where; Using temporary | +----+--------------------+-------+-------+---------------+--------------------+---------+-------+-------+------------------------------+ 2 rows in set (2 min 54.08 sec) It lasts about 1 min, and other queries not run in this time. Support says I must "optimize queries" and change tablet type to InnoDB. What can I do now?
  15. Still no options to change the way date and times for posts and quotes are shown?
  16. And next question. Not about installing and upgrade, sorry please. 3. Can I exclude some forums from "unread" activity flow? Or, can I make flow with some forums only? Thanks!
  17. Thank you very much, upgrade completed with some errors, but now "no way back". Community is working and alive. Some issues: 1. some fields in member table not converted, I do it manually. Signature, pp_main_photo, and reputation. 2. If I press magical "block management" arrow, I see only few "system" block. No forum block, etc. Then, I try to uninstall and install again Calendar app, and here it is: calendar blocks is present. Question: can I uninstall and install again Forum app? Is it safe for my content? Or, there is another way to "restart" apps? Thanks a lot.
  18. From error.log: [Wed Jun 22 10:54:59 2016] [error] [client] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /bhome/part3/03/vh46684/olgino.net/www/forum/system/Log/Log.php on line 95
  19. Hello! Please help me guys. Just starting ipgrade to IPS4 and... upgrade page not loading, HTTP error 500 What I doing wrong? Here it is: http://www.olgino.info/forum/admin/upgrade/ Thanks!!
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