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  1. Congrats on your shiny new positions at IPS, may the force be with you.
  2. I did that and mine said, new version 5.0 is out! Just kidding, that is a good one, totally forgot about that, thanks.
  3. Superj707, you still see nada? It's there for me, that happen to me one night too, it was gone then reappeared 30 minutes later.
  4. I am holding out for 4.0.3 that includes a big bug fix for me. But I probably will not be able to resist lol.
  5. I am moving in a month or so and I hopefully can squeeze 20Mbps on the Up. This is on cable with Brighthouse. ZakRhyno you are blazing!
  6. I understand your desire to look like the smart and sensitive one, I get it, really. If I have hurt your feelings, I am sorry. Since this post is about thanking IPS for a great job, then thank you so much IPS support team! The fact is I always am telling them they do a great job, but I am not afraid to let them know to step up their game, even in a thank you thread. As for "posting junk" as you stated, I had no idea my words came through as being junk, I don't think they are junk. I get paid very well to give my consults to companies, that has included fortune 500 companies. But I am not h
  7. Cause it's entertaining LOL. Seriously the IPS team does a good job but are job is to keep their feet on the ground. This is a for profit company, not a non-profit that gives all their money away to save the whales or feed the children charities, so messing with a thank you thread just seems right.
  8. #decentidea #tagsalreadydothis #Lindyiscorrect #iwishbigcompanieswouldstopusingthem #endhashtagabuse
  9. True but I am also talking about 4.0.0 release
  10. I have a long history too, but it seems that IPS4 the tickets can take weeks to solve. I have a few that are between 1 - 3 weeks. In my opinion their staff team is helpful but they seem extremely overwhelmed with IPS4.
  11. It's the same reason we all do not live in one town, one city, one central location. We need our own spaces and FB can do that but not to the dedicated level of a forum.
  12. Great! I need the Core to do pages separate but instead I went with Expression Engine.
  13. From what I can tell we are still in the RC phase but we are calling it gold
  14. xtech that is true, I never use the word forum anymore.
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