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  1. Does anyone have a script they are using to register a user outside of the /forum folder. I have a php registration form I would like to use outside of the forum as it matches the rest of my main site. I know there is a lot of checks and balances that go into registering a new member. So anyway code I can drop into a php page to create a new member registration. This code is from bfarber and it works but wanting to do checks to see if the username exists and then automatically login them in, any code samples would be extremely helpful? <?php require 'init.php'; $member = new \IPS\Member; $member->name = $memberName; $member->email = $memberEmail; $member->ip_address = \IPS\Request::i()->ipAddress(); $member->member_group_id = 3; // Put in the group ID you want to use $member->allow_admin_mails = 1; $member->joined = time(); $member->members_pass_salt = $member->generateSalt(); $member->members_pass_hash = $member->encryptedPassword( $memberPassword ); $member->save(); I have searched up and down for a solution but figured if any of you devsmasters know you could possibly let me know
  2. I did that and mine said, new version 5.0 is out! Just kidding, that is a good one, totally forgot about that, thanks.
  3. Superj707, you still see nada? It's there for me, that happen to me one night too, it was gone then reappeared 30 minutes later.
  4. I am holding out for 4.0.3 that includes a big bug fix for me. But I probably will not be able to resist lol.
  5. I understand your desire to look like the smart and sensitive one, I get it, really. If I have hurt your feelings, I am sorry. Since this post is about thanking IPS for a great job, then thank you so much IPS support team! The fact is I always am telling them they do a great job, but I am not afraid to let them know to step up their game, even in a thank you thread. As for "posting junk" as you stated, I had no idea my words came through as being junk, I don't think they are junk. I get paid very well to give my consults to companies, that has included fortune 500 companies. But I am not hear to talk about me. Not hear to talk about you, after all you are the one posting and attempting to cyber bully me a bit and belittle me, it's water off my back. So have at it and keep at it if it makes you feel better. I will post where I want and when I want, but I will be respectful as I have been in this thread, off topic, maybe a little but all in good fun. You on the other hand have made assumptions about me that can only be construed as hateful, but I digress. So thank you IPS, great company, great people and I have been a license holder since 2007 to prove it.
  6. Keep in mind that a sub forum will require a SSL cert or a wildcard cert to cover it. If you are not using SSL then it's all preference with one big exception. The sub domain is seen a bit different for SEO, this is from a Moz article. 5. Subdomains or Sub-folders Since search engines keep different metrics for domains than they do subdomains, it is recommended that webmasters place link-worthy content like blogs in subfolders rather than subdomains. (i.e. www.example.com/blog/ rather than blog.example.com) The notable exceptions to this are language-specific websites. (i.e., en.example.com for the English version of the website).http://moz.com/learn/seo/domain Simply something to think on.
  7. Cause it's entertaining LOL. Seriously the IPS team does a good job but are job is to keep their feet on the ground. This is a for profit company, not a non-profit that gives all their money away to save the whales or feed the children charities, so messing with a thank you thread just seems right.
  8. They are typical ports 80 & 443 outbound but they do have specific subdomain. Not sure if that applies but best to ask them on that one.
  9. In your ISP4 ACP, System Support -> Support -> Select "Something isn't working correctly." That sometime will clear the issue but yes it may be with your firewall.
  10. #decentidea #tagsalreadydothis #Lindyiscorrect #iwishbigcompanieswouldstopusingthem #endhashtagabuse
  11. I had this happen to me, I ran the support tool and it cleared it up. Have you recently moved your forum to another folder on your domain?
  12. True but I am also talking about 4.0.0 release
  13. I have a long history too, but it seems that IPS4 the tickets can take weeks to solve. I have a few that are between 1 - 3 weeks. In my opinion their staff team is helpful but they seem extremely overwhelmed with IPS4.
  14. Great! I need the Core to do pages separate but instead I went with Expression Engine.
  15. From what I can tell we are still in the RC phase but we are calling it gold
  16. I am running the latest it's sweet! Glad they got 4.0.1 released, I have a few items that should be fixed now
  17. John 3:16

    Easy Pages

    I agree but I had to start somewhere, I can PM you the latest.cgi that they requested. Not sure what else you need. I simply tried to download any theme to back it up and it threw the EX2 error. Maybe someone can give it a go and see if they also get the error.
  18. John 3:16

    Easy Pages

    It seems when trying to download my theme in 4.0.0 i get a EX2 error. I created a IPS support ticket and they just got back to me after Tier II support, it's Easy Pages from what support says. Can you take a look? Thanks!
  19. Baloney - the only sandwich that makes you feel like you're eating a lie. 

  20. SPF records and proper DKIM but that is depending on your server setup. I like going the route of Mailgun by rackspace, works like a champ.
  21. Can we get access to nightly builds? It would help all of us that are waiting on bug fixes that adversely are effecting our boards. I have worked plenty with nightly builds, it's always been a positive experience for the most part.
  22. Not 1 install, I wanted this also, but you would need 2 IPS licenses, as it requires 2 installs of IP.Core.
  23. ISP4 is built from the ground up, right? I see the Dev section as being in the "IPS Community Suite 4.0" Category. Mixing it in with 3.4.x dev stuff does not make sense to me as it would happen in the Community Engagement section. Whatever you decide is your call Lindy, but to me (a non-dev) it makes more sense in the flow of things. When I think of what attracts a non-dev to use IPS over other forum software, it's always what you can do for that person, not the other way around. ​
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