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  1. Dmacleo

    [HQ] Badges

    this app then gives error (in the converter web screen) after converting Error: Table 'orig_IP_HQ_badges' already exists File: /system/Db/Db.php Line: 186 however rerunning the test file shows it all good and, as far as I can tell, app itself still works fine. not sure if this is converter or app error at that point.
  2. Dmacleo


    this actually happened to me once, next day was fine. I did notice I had a cron running around that time for db maintenance and backups, changed those times and never saw it again. but thats pretty circumstantial.
  3. time to clone live site over to test site and run the tests :)
  4. could be, or could be you forgot your age seeing as we are old :) :P
  5. when you get old like us you need at least 5.1 inch screen LOL
  6. great, now Rhetts head gonna swell and explode and Matt will have to clean up the gore :P
  7. Dmacleo


    not saying anything about the coding as I am not qualified, but was basically thinking out loud that you should see those errors on anything sent to those members. the only reason you may not be seeing them is the members have turned off email notify in their settings. as an example I had some members who address changed and old email was not valid, every forum topic they subscribed to showed me (I saw it in the mandril dashboard) email failure as well as newsletters showing the failure.
  8. Dmacleo


    seems to me that would affect more than just this app; bulk mail, topic notify, etc.
  9. not positive but I think if you were to just ftp them up THEN assign them (iirc they will show) that may work vs uploading/renaming.
  10. iircc this is stock and edited 3.4.6 default skin edits make sure to make backups of yours just in case 346.zip
  11. works on 3.4.6 but the sub categories don't display icon on forum index. when in category index they will. I have never gotten animated gifs to work, however I only tried a few and could not prove it wasn't the gif itself. the readme included with file shows parts to be edited.
  12. thought I had posted pulse templates few months back in this thread.
  13. while I would like this too for interim I think there was mod in market for this, but I think (didn't look to closely at it) is for mandril.
  14. I may be wrong (it happens way too often lately) but I thought a similar issue had been noticed in earlier version that was corrected. did you look through the bug tracker at invisionfocus.com ? not sure if older entries (if I am right the timeframe would have been about 2 years ago when MichaelS was integrating sphinx search) are still there or, and this is the biggie, would still even apply. just a thought and I EASILY could be remembering wrong so take this with grain of salt.
  15. some want to be able to report admins, some don't want people to be able to. so why would having the option to set it how you want bother anyone?
  16. just disable url check and it will work
  17. wish I could see why it happens but my skills were not good enough I guess, so I just disabled to avoid the issue.
  18. I cannot seem to see why some fail and others don't so I disabled the check for valid url option. seems it has to be something on the linked item end thats not sending correct response back. been wondering if these ones maybe using a cdn service thats causing this.
  19. yes. http://tinyurl.com/mxje9ke
  20. ok thats good to know. it tended to, at times, get somewhat difficult with some items. post in html mode then edit in normal to use rte for rest if stuff.
  21. ugh, only forum software I have used where you have to specifically check use html to paste an embed code and lose rte benefits at same time. and writing files for the untold number of sites out there that use a setup where a media tag cannot be built like now is not feasible. the iframe ones would be the most problematic I expect. which is why I wondered about a button saying post html code (only shown to those with permissions to post html code of course) that we could press, paste, drive on with rte like normal.
  22. so what about items from other sites where media tags cannot be built (and there are tons of them) and they give us an iframe/embed code? we still going to have to leave the rte, switch to html mode, paste the code to make it work or is there a way you can add a button to rte allowing us to put iframe/embed code in directly?
  23. Dmacleo


    just a thought but are using phpmail (vs smtp or mandril) by any chance? I had issues with phpmail, no issues with smtp (with proper spf/dkim records) or mandril. ISPs were blocking it automatically so never made it to user let alone their spam folder. so I would have no back issues listed (I suspect its because it actually DID leave the forum, am I correct on that HeadStand?) but never got them.
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