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  1. Hi, Where is the setting to disable post before registering? Thanks
  2. Thanks for getting back to me Andy. I know this is not your plugin directly now having looked into it, but without the visitor giving (and there being a record of ) Implicit Consent then this is against the GDPR law here in Europe. Maybe you as IPS Staff can move this post if possible please to a better forum but I need to highlight the risk to everyone. Problem is if they don't complete their registration and agree to the terms and conditions, the IPS system still automatically sends out 1 unsolicited reminder email from what I can see with the subject heading " Did you forget to submit your post?". Invision can verify this is the fact by contacting the Information Commissioners Office here: https://ico.org.uk/global/contact-us/live-chat/ or the telephone number is: 0303 123 1113 If we can turn off this reminder email from being sent, we might / should be ok - Is this possible to do? All the current system needs is one websites competitor to go through the process of asking a question and not completing the registration form and then complaining to the ICO that they have received unsolicited email. A lot of companies have already been fined for sending out unsolicited emails which this reminder is without someone having provided implicit consent IE: (Ignore numbers) Leave.EU Group Limited has been fined £15,000 for sending almost 300,000 unsolicited communications on a single day for which they did not have consent. Taken from: https://ico.org.uk/action-weve-taken/enforcement/ Thanks for you time reading this, we just want to make sure nobody falls foul of the GDPR
  3. If this is to be available for guests we need to add some GDPR compliance due to the collection of the email address. GDPR requires a tickbox along with text along the lines of " I consent to having The XXX company collect my details via this form" Is this possible to add please? or is there another workaround? Thanks
  4. Brilliant plugin. It would be great to add a permissions option as this could prove to be a very powerful way to convert guests into members.
  5. Hi, is this compatible with 4.4? Thanks
  6. Unlucky

    Help Guides

    Hi, Is this compatible with 4.4? Thanks
  7. Hi, Is this compatible with 4.4? Thanks
  8. Hi, Is this compatible with 4.4? Thanks
  9. Does this work with 4.4? Thanks
  10. does the latest version only work with 4.4 or is it backwards compatible? Thanks
  11. Is CJ Media also compatible with Version 4.4.0 of Invision Community or not? If they are not what is the eta for compatibility? Many thanks in advance
  12. Is CJ Duplicate Member Logger compatible with Version 4.4.0 of Invision Community?
  13. Hi, I have just changed the tag from the ISO number code to GBP and it seems to work Is this correct as I assumed we should be putting the number in? Thanks
  14. We have decided to give this another go on the site and have renewed our license and reinstalled the product We have done as you have suggested above and edited the default us currency to GBP using TAG entry 826 which is the iso 4217 code for pounds sterling When we do a test donation paypal reports error - This recipient does not accept payments denominated in USD. Please contact the seller and ask him to update his payment receiving preferences to accept this currency. What else do we need to edit?
    Do not buy this - there has been no support since December 2018
  15. Hi, We purchased this and now no support.
  16. any pointers much appreciated. Thank you
  17. Yes for Current league was switched on. If I switch it off the league table disappears. The page is fine apart from getting their banner photo as per that image in a prominent position above their table. It would be handy to be able to get a solution or they will request we remove their league from the site which would be a shame as it is a big one.
  18. Hi, OK that's the page that was created when I created a new league table and lives here: https://www.walkingfootball.com/football/league/49-walking-football-northern-premier-league-60-2019/ So I assume that widget is automatically created when I add all the details for the league table. That would be where we need it then, in the widget if that is possible, thanks I guess we could do it also by having the " About league " section above the league table that way we could add the image and description so it stands out above the table?
  19. Above each league table I need a cover photo for that specific league. So for example:
  20. I have another question. I have added someones league but they are not happy as my website logo takes precedence and have asked if they can have a cover photo or something more prominent to display their league banner logo. This obviously will need to be league specific so is there anyway I can add a cover photo which appears above their league table? Thanks again I have used the custom css which is perfect to fix this so don't worry about that one
  21. still happened. Plus it's the same for every new league I am adding. I have used the custom css which is perfect to fix this, thank you
  22. Arha All those buttons actually take you to pages with the league widget at the top. Is there a way to exclude that whole row of buttons as I ideally would just like to have the buttons at the top as they work perfectly in the widget? I much prefer the pages loaded like this ones does via the button widget where on the news section, there is no table at the top: https://www.walkingfootball.com/football/league/48-ercfa-walking-football-league/news/
  23. Hi, We have the latest version installed and just noticed this. If you go to a league page such as: https://www.walkingfootball.com/football/league/48-ercfa-walking-football-league/ Scroll under the league table and click the league tables button, you end up with two copies of the league table showing on the page
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