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  1. Is this compatible with 4.4?
  2. Hi, If you look at the calendar block in the sidebar below, there is a slight bug where if the event is more than 1 day the text overlays the image: https://www.walkingfootball.com/
  3. Unlucky

    (DP42) Bot Group

    Hi, What is new in the new version? Thanks
  4. Unlucky

    Radical Tags

    Hi, I have the animation set to 50 miliseconds but the tags are not changing. Also if I try filltering a widget to say just posts, I get the same result as I do from a tag cloud that has no filter applied Any ideas? Thanks,
  5. Can members easily unsubscribe from the drip campaign? Plus if the members opt out of newsletters - Does that effect the drip campaign? Many thanks
  6. Hi, If we bought out duplicate member logger here at IPS, what is the process to download the latest version from your site? Thanks
  7. Unlucky

    (DP42) Bot Group

    Hi, Just purchased - guess this is 4.4 compatible? Thanks
  8. Is this fixed now? Does this have any negative impact on search bots crawling the website?
  9. Hi, Don't worry as it seems to be a theme issue. many thanks
  10. Hi, I have just switched to this: Show Advancedfooter Outside the main body layout But that hasn't changed the footer in anyway - it still looks the same width and position
  11. Hi, I have just upgraded and when I click the People Near You I am getting: [[Template connections/front/connections/connectionsNear is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I have tested in default theme and have run the support tool Is it because we also have these plugins installed? Member Map Member Location On the main connections page I see two settings for miles so I guess one is for yours as they all show 0 miles and the other ones shows the correct mileage distance We have lots of people using member location so need to keep that running if there is a conflict? We are also using google maps as the enhancement
  12. what is the setting so guests can enter and register at the same time? I currently do have a button showing to guests and can't remember what setting I need for this? Thanks,
  13. Yes me to. Ready to purchase when location is available
  14. Hi, I see this says - Requires Invision Community 4.5 or higher When is 4.5 being released and was that requirement for the single feature or the whole app? Thanks
  15. Also have same issue with another payment gateway. Have given up trying to configure cloudflare to work with it
    Very handy addition to help you with your SEO. For what the plugin costs it's a must have. Once you have added your neglected words, you can sit back, relax and let the software do the work.
  16. Hi, Just checking if this app is still being supported and works with latest version of IPS? Also can anyone share what a topic that has custom fields looks like when it has been posted? Thanks in advance
  17. Hi, Can you select which forums this is displayed in?
  18. Hi, Just purchased this and it is not working as per your demo in our theme plus default invision theme. Have sent a pm with url Thanks
  19. Hi, I have added that code to: https://www.walkingfootball.com That didn't work either unfortunately.
  20. Yes would love to see a demo
  21. HI, I have just added that code but it's not working on my android mobile in chrome browser
  22. Unlucky

    News Support

    HI, yes the other app dev told me how to fix it so it's working now
  23. Hi, You are a star - thank you.
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