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  1. Oh my god how did i forget about post_max line fsss that explained why it keept making file as 4MB so now it's working as it should Thank You for your help.
  2. Hi, Installed IP.Download not long ago but problem with it is when me or my friend uploads a 76MB file it says file was uploaded successfully since it says Done but once we click submit the download file appears as Size 4MB and when we download file we only get 4MB from it instead of 76MB and i have been through every settings in admincp cannot find any limit there and servers php.ini is set to 200M limit per file on upload yet file converts from 76MB to 4MB which is really weird :/ I hope there is a way to solve this since it's annoying us alot.
  3. ah what a bummer :/ well i will think about it then since i might not buy ip.content just yet.
  4. i can only find ip.content but not ip.pages?
  5. ​then where do i get ip pages for ipb 4.0?
  6. ​hmm okay :/ well i hope to see a ipb 4.0 version of this soon secondly about other method by Vikestar is it possible to get pages or is that the actually ip.pages i need to use that method?
  7. ​um as final yes other wise latest is ipb 4.0 beta 8 i'm pre-paring new version ahead than 3.4.7 so i dont have to convert database and so on later so i hope your able to add support for ipb 4.0 beta versions :/
  8. ​yes thats one, i found it earlier but it sems out of date :/ so is there any free way for ipb 4.0 to have a tracker? without needing to pay for ip.pages or something Thanks
  9. ow i see, i'm use to old one that was for old versions :/ but it sems i will do this method But problem is i dont have pages? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, is there a download for IPB 4 ip.tracker? since i would like to set it up on my IPB 4 beta 8 forum to pre-pare everything for public use once IPB 4 final arrives
  11. well nvm after all, i feel litle stupid xD every time i post something i allways knock into solution i needed gosh idk why that keeps happening well thanks for help anyway even if none of you got time to help so yeah mostlikely thank you for your time with checking by.
  12. Hi how do i turn category layout like it is on this forum? since on mine it comes up as square blocks than logn flat ones :/ you can see pic here I want it to be from this to this I have checked everywhere in admincp found nothing :/ so i hope anyone of you can help me out /Thanks
  13. Nice, can't wait to get hands on beta version off IPB 4.0 :)
  14. Okay just wanted to make sure :) since i would be suprised if IPB decides all of sudden require every users who has a license to upgrade it to new one to get 4.0 but luckely that wont happen :)
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