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  1. I'm wondering if anyone is using this currently. I have been trying it on my test site and the problem is constant buffering / waiting. The file is 427.99 MB in size for 2:42 minutes of play. Is there a better way, size limitation, ways to optimize? I am on shared hosting with SSD drives but again its shared. I use You Tube currently for videos I take while gaming and during other activities but with their bias currently I would like to move away from them as much as possible. I can see this as being useful for us but Im going to have to go with very "lite" videos or figure out a way to optimize somehow. BTW, I have exceptionally fast internet so that is not the issue. Lower end users might have even more trouble too.
  2. This looked like an interesting item at first. Then I discovered it was making a political statement and while that is your choice the end user will have to decide if its something to support. I'm disappointed really because this would have been a nice addon to a new forum design I had in mind. Just thought I would mention it.


    I am having some issues here. The portal works fine in the installed location in the /forum folder but try as I might I cannot get the portal to load from the main url. I get the error I have tried the various fixes here but to no avail. I am hoping someone has an idea how to fix it. I have edited the various files and uploaded them to verify but no luck there either.
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