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  1. The new Swiper Slider for sure as I want to set different banners for the forum, pages and mobile. But at the same time I want to customize the new Behemoth theme colors to match the different banners. We want it all LOL 😁
  2. This looks superb, So this is the big week 🙂 Behemoth Plz, I been delaying launching my Forum just so I can get this updated. Appreciate all your hard work. Thank You
  3. My Forum is heavily dependent on Members Posting Records into the Database. Can the Anonymous Posting Feature be implemented in the Database Pages, So members can post Records Anonymously ? Thank You
  4. Look forward to this, excited to start tweaking with it. Keep us posted on the progress, we all appreciate the great work you do.
  5. Can Anonymous Posting be extended to the Database Records also ? I'd Gladly pay towards this, as my Forum is heavily dependent on Members Posting Records into the Database. I couldn't find an App that does this, and It would make sense for it to be part of the already established Anonymous Posting that InVision has.
  6. That will be fun to implement, you mentioned to me " theres a new update coming to the themes which has many new functionalities one of them is adding as many sliders as you want in the theme settings which then allows you to add extra sliders or customize them easily like a slider just for mobile " So for me having custom sliders just for mobile will be great. Regardless, look forward to the new update we appreciate your constant improvements thank you
  7. Alright, well I look forward to the new update with its features. I remember you mentioned something about slider specific settings for mobile. Keep up the good work. Thanks
  8. You mentioned a big update for this theme, is that included in the latest version or another to come ?
  9. Hi, Is it possible to add a Slider Image only for mobile viewing different to the Desktop/laptop. As currently I have the Slider Height set to custom, and when its on custom the slider image is not shown on the mobile. It is only when I set the Slider Height to Full Screen does the Slider Image appear on the Mobile Browsing. However, I am finding it hard to have 1 image that is suitable for both desktop and mobile viewing, so if its possibly to add a separate Slider image for mobile that will be great. As then, I can set a separate image that is better for Portrait mobile browsing and also a different wider image for the desktop/laptop. Thanks
  10. Yes I'm too having this problem I have recently updated the board and replace enhance member edit (31) with (33) and Now my super-mods can no longer edit user profiles even with full edit rights I don't want to give them ACP access. A list of permissions used to get it working would be nice to have as a compare chart. It works on the admin account just not for my super-mods unless I give them ACP access
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