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  1. My fault under packages - features I forgot to highlight a group
  2. Hello, I got the following message when trying to sell something? But all requested missings parts are created. the below message is received for a normal user, as a admin I got forwarded to : ?do=submit&category=3&_new=1 and that is working somehow normal users can't post You cannot create adverts in this category: missing PACKAGE INFO, TYPE or ITEM CONDITION. If you have already created them, edit your category and choose which ones the category will use. Contact the system administrator. Foutcode: CL-SUBMIT/2
  3. At the end of a creation of an advert you have Contact Details. Is it possible to just use "Private Message" and hide the Email & Other field ? Regards
  4. Hello Andriano, I keep getting errors, I'm using IPB 4.2.2 I removed the files (FTP) re-upped them, removed the plugin, reinstalled it several times but I keep getting error messages about a unknown column. Thanks in advance
  5. I can't see anything in the logs (if I'm looking correctly ) The error comes with this URL after a manual donation --> HTTP ERROR 500 http://www.domain.com/admin/?adsess=fjvmclnus7dq3q9dbvbor6gv42&app=donate&module=donations&controller=donations&do=add
  6. @pequeno You can install it , it works 100% , only has a weird title - a beauty error ...that's all I'm sure he will fix it !! It is System --> Site Features --> Plugins --> (DP41) CSE Google --> EDIT ( Title on the top )
  7. Hello, If I add a manual donation I get a error (but the donation works) : HTTP ERROR 500
  8. Working on the lastest version of IPS the plugin shows a weird title :-) (DP41) CSE Google <span class='ipsType_small ipsType_unbold ipsType_light'>1.0.1</span>
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