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  1. Happy new year, I really like some posts I get from services like Spotify and Hootsuite which shows my use of the service during the year. For example I'm sure you know Spotify shows you every December (it's calling it Wrapped 2020) which songs were your favorites one, which genre you liked more, how many minutes you heard music and so many other interesting stats. It will be interesting to have a similar feature where a user of our community could visit a page and see specific stats about him and his presence in the site. Some examples could be "how many posts/topic you've creates", "how many reactions you've used", "how many pm's you've send", "which forum category you posted most of your messages", "which file you downloaded more", "your most popular message" etc. It could also be nice if the feature could be expanded in order to support 3rd party apps. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Does this work for subscriptions too ?
  3. I could add a toggle for that. is this coming on 4.5 ?
  4. Hello, I feel we should revisit the platform’s compliance with GDPR, in light of the latest developments and clarifications issued by the EU. Had some discussions, read a lot about this and it's clear to me that the classic Cookie strip with one button (I accept) simply doesn't cut it anymore and would make the website owner liable for not fully following the current regulations. It's been brought to my attention from the ad network we use, that we should provide a full Consent message to every visitor of our site, and give them the option to choose which cookies, if any, they would want to be used during their visit. There are already many services out there like Cookiebot, Quantcast and OneTrust which can scan one’s site and automate the process by creating this banner. Of course even if they have limited free packages, my main concern is that there are limitations to styling, speed, translation, etc. I feel that such features must be provided from the platform itself, which must integrate the IAB Consent Framework. A valid cookie consent banner has to look like the one Cookiebot provides, offering the ability to choose the type of cookies the visitor wants. If you’d like to see a live example, visit this page. Cookiebot Consent Banner analytic view Two links from the Cookiebot site, which I really feel that they offer a full picture of what is the proper way to have a GDPR Consent banner in your site. GDPR and cookies | GDPR cookie consent | Is my use of cookies compliant? Active consent and the case of Planet49 | CJEU | GDPR & ePR I’d very much like to read your thoughts on this and particularly whether such options are included in the roadmap.
  5. Important changes. Have in mind though, that user actions is usually one of the common problem for a security issue. From my personal experience, we had to implement a way not to let users be able to use extremely easy passwords which had their accounts be compromised. Most important, not let users use their own username as a password and also some easy passwords like sex, 12345, god, matt etc 🙂
  6. It would be great if you could add Backblaze B2 integration as a storage option like you already do with Amazon S3. Backblaze has a terrific api and service, tight integration with Cloudflare and most importantly, their prices are much much better than s3/azure/google cloud. Merry Christmas
  7. We locked some topics with way too many replies (>12.000) where each reply could take even 10-15 sec to be posted. After installing the latest patch, timeouts disappeared.
  8. It will be great if the dot icon next to the title of the topic will be added in the subscribed threads page so the member could go with one click directly to his first unread post. According to Jim, dot icon (first unread) is available in Forums, sub-forums and related items Thanks
  9. amazing work one more time Adriano, I'm gonna miss your involvement in Classifieds even I'm sure @InvisionHQ is also a worthy dev
  10. Nice additions but we surely need PM and Login support, please have them in mind for the final version. Also Andy could you explain more the part " This significantly increases the flexibility of the API and now allows forums, downloads categories, calendars etc. to be created programmatically via external sources". Thanks
  11. Oh please tell me that the same can happen with external apps too with ips 4.2! Just a yes or no is ok :-)
  12. You're right, I'm only mention it for the "news" part of a website which you want to promote in your social media. Of course we have to add other stuff too to our pages and "Promoting Content" certainly solves this problem too.
  13. Very happy to depend on ips platform, version 4.2 is way better I've ever imagined. Congratulations! One suggestion for the future because I don't think it's implemented now. Now I depend on external services like hootsuite to easy promote some articles to my facebook/twitter page. It would be really helpful if there was an option to post an article from ip.pages automatically to fb/twitter, x minutes after it's been posted in the frontpage.
  14. Can't emphasize enough the need for all these api's Christian mentioned :-) We are waiting for them for a long time. And let me add Like too (post/get)
  15. Great Pro who never settles until he optimized the last bit of the server. constant updating with latest fixes. Top choice.
  16. ​Don't think how could this confuse people. It's a nice addition for novice users and something power users maybe will ignore.
  17. Just Installed, huge update and many things to play with. Great mod !!!
  18. Don't know if you've planned this for ips 4.0 but I sure would like to have the ability to write a custom text for each warning to be filled automatically when I choose either of them. To write each time the same things is very annoying even if I have to copy paste the text. Also I totally agree that the warning and the suspension must be more visible to the user who still asks me why he was banned/suspended.
  19. In my tests, a user banned for 3 days, stayed banned even if the warning was reversed
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