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  1. Ok, I will buy and if I have suggestions I will tell you :)
  2. Ah ok, and this Mod it´s good for tennis and soccer picks?
  3. Hello mmmodding, can you put some ACP screen captures please? :) Thanks!
  4. Hello, this mod is compatible with custom skins, for example http://www.apuestapasion.com Thanks!
  5. Bought and runs very good! I have one suggestion, to change the width for example to 180 - 200px :) And one question, how can I made a good table and insert in the sidebar? Thanks!
  6. Hello, can I change the width to 200px? Thanks!
  7. One question, will you add more features in the 3.2 new version if you release? Thanks :)
  8. It doesn´t matter the B, take a look other time
  9. Yes: http://www.apuestapasion.com/topic/62-bono-de-50e-de-bwin-para-la-copa-america/
  10. One question, I have added a link and in one post that I have two words it only converts the first but no the second :)
  11. Ok Dawpi, if you have news tell me :) I will buy this Mod that it´s very useful :)
  12. Hello, I have one suggestion and one question: 1º An option to convert words only made by one group. And the question, can I convert the affiliate links (for example: www.example.com&affID=1231) to something like (www.example.com/go/site)? Thanks!
  13. Starting new project!

    1. The Heff
    2. Nevo


      What kind of project?

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