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  1. There only thing standing out to me as being useful for what I'm working with at the moment that haven't already been mentioned is Search - with all the existing on-interface options available as request parameters/body one way or another.
  2. ​Seconded. I'd guess that new installs likely wouldn't have the problem since they'd have never experienced the key/vaue system before, but for upgrades...... eh. I've managed a workaround with our national flag system, but a key=value pair is invaluable for many implementations of things. Even if it was undocumented, bringing back the = would be fantastic.
  3. Yes, soon. I've not started on the upgrades for any of my mods yet, but will be starting within the next couple of days!
  4. Lewis P

    Pip Popup

    Yes. It will be released for IPS4 soon. I've not yet started work on the mod upgrades, but will be able to start within the next couple of days.
  5. Sorry I'm late replying. Pip Popup is likely going to be upgraded, even though pips themselves have been all but removed in IPS4. In general, my intention is to upgrade all my hooks as the platform allows, as soon as possible after final release. I've already got some code ported over, but I'd like to get things tested on the final version of the suite before handing anything out.
  6. I think its because attachments are missing right now. l will try to find it again, but no promises!
  7. Lewis P

    Pip Popup

    When this is upgraded to IPB 4, I'll look at adding more options. :)
  8. Stupid question (as usual with me, really), but is the memory limit required to be 128MB, or is that again just the advised limit, with anything lower causing issues entirely our fault? I only ask because one of the sites I help out with has a host that won't raise this above 64MB for some reason (annoying, but things work fine unless installing a mega language pack), and wondering if I should be on the lookout for some other hosting for them?
  9. Sounds like an issue with your server configuration.... Nothing this hook does is any different to a default IPB Settings area. Anything in server logs linking to this hook?
  10. See here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  11. It's not really possible. Facebook does some weird calculations based on the height you put in. It doesn't seem to care about padding and margins to make it look good, unfortunately.
  12. Lewis P

    Pip Popup

    Works perfectly! :)
  13. That's not a problem with this hook. It appears to be a problem with PHP running the chmod() function on your server. Does this happen with any other hooks? If it does, best to submit a ticket!
  14. Lewis P

    iArcade 1.3

    Sorry took so long. If you create a language bit called "iarcade_profile_tab" (without quotes) the profile tab should display correctly. :)
  15. Hook updated with support for sub forums!
  16. File updated with ability to hide the box on a per-group basis!
  17. Sure. Will add it onto my list for the weekend. :)
  18. Lewis P

    iArcade 1.3

    Sorry? What new file? I've not uploaded anything new. Today is the first time I'll have the opportunity to look at it for you.
  19. Lewis P

    iArcade 1.3

    It should use the same string as the application tab in the header?
  20. You mean the list of sub forums when you're viewing the forum? So... for example, on this page, you want the on-hover bits there? If so, most likely possible, yeah. Will see what I can do. :)
  21. Lewis P

    iArcade 1.3

    Reporting games was never implemented correctly in the first place. It's actually been removed in our development copy altogether. White page shouldn't happen (does it happen on all games? - I never noticed it during development...), but I will try to look at that this weekend at some stage since that sounds like it'll be a relatively quick fix... And finally, this is a difficult one. On paper, it's not a security risk since everything being written to the database is being run through the IPB methods for protection etc. And the .swf files are copied from the .tar and never touched by the forum except for embedding it in the page (which is done through the HTML anyway). I've never known of an IPB forum ever hacked through an arcade - and all the scoring/saving systems are pretty much the same since day one. The longer answer however, is that yes, there is a chance to the user, just as there is a chance that by going on a dodgy website with flash adverts could install tracking cookies, keyloggers etc, which could of course then compromise your FTP account. The forum itself should be safe however.
  22. Lewis P

    iArcade 1.3

    Not unless Collin is able to "finish" the job, no. Until late January time, I'm tied up quite heavily with work and university, and I'd hope by then that IPS 4 is available for us developers to work with, and then we can get a version out for then. What I will say though is that the current version does work if you can handle a few glitches here and there.
  23. You can't. They have to be together because of the way the code is generated. :)
  24. I'm pretty sure that space just shouldn't/wouldn't be there... the photos should be higher up in the box, under the like button itself.
  25. Hey, Not sure what's causing that. It's inside the Facebook "frame" so anything inside that is outside of my control. Sorry I can't help!
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