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  1. Hi there, I dont know if this is possible or not, but I have a suggestion for a tweak to the "Applications Not Installed" list which appears on the "Other Apps" page. At the moment, on the right hand side of the screen, there's a sidebar box which lists applications that are not yet installed (shocker!) along with a button for installing the item. It would be great if there could also be a button (or buttons) to allow us to remove that Applications files from the server and/or remove that entry from the list. I'm not very technically proficient and I don't make a habit of writin
  2. Da-daaaaahhhh. :D It's nice to be able to do something to help you Adriano considering all the boosts your mods have given my website, and you yourself have given me by answering my support tech questions over the last year or so. :D
  3. Fantastic, that's sorted it! Thanks Indo. I've wanted something like this on my community forums for quite a while now. It's great to finally have it. :smile:
  4. Love the idea and the look of this. Unfortunately for me, on my board, it will not slide out either on Chrome or on IE. I do have quite a few mods active... Any ideas on what sort of clash I could be looking for? I have a Facebook like box manually coded on to my page, could that be the issue? Thanks for any advice and good luck with this great looking mod. :)
  5. Adriano, thanks for that! I'd checked there but I'd overlooked that option! Doh! Thanks for that! I appreciate the help. :)
  6. Hi. Am I right in thinking that other members who are in the same group as the note-poster should receive an email notification of the new note being made? At the moment I'm seeing no notifications of notes being made. Maybe I missed something obvious though. Love the mod - its a feature IPB should have as standard but am more than happy to help support Adriano's great work. :)
  7. I love the idea of this. Great work. I have one question. Is it possible to display it in the sidebar? Keep up the great work!
  8. On the editor click the little light switch icon on the far left, top line. It ditches the BBcode editor and you can start inputting html there. If it displays or not might depend on if you've got HTML allowed in the forum's options in the core IP.board admin panel? That last bit is a guess though. Hope that helps in someway. (Probably not, lol).
  9. Hiya, I've a couple of questions if I may. :) 1. At the moment a lot of the social groups postings is appear on the main forums new content lists for all forums-members. Is it possible so that I can change this so that they do not appear in the new content unless the member is actually a member of the group? 2. How can I go about changing the groups default permissions so that at creation only members can view, read and post to the group content? Those two might be part of the same issue I'm not sure. But any help would be gratefully received. :D Thanks very much. Love t
  10. Thanks for all your hard work on this Adriano! I've one quick question if I may (sorry if I've missed the answer elsewhere).Is it currently possible (or could it be possible) for the admins of the raffle/board to be able to award either a member group or specific members x number of free entry tickets as a thank you or reward program (for reaching x number of posts or rep for example) Ty again Adriano and posters! :-)
  11. Hi! Thanks for getting back to me about this. In answer to your questions: I dont *think* I've knowingly altered the Furl file you mentioned. I'm attaching it for you. I don't know if this is relevant but at this moment in time I have a Christmas theme set as the default theme. I dont know if that would alter that file would it? In the SEO setting I have the "Query String" option set. It's the email the board has sent to say that there has been a new "profile feed" comment left on the person's feed. I'm attaching a PDF of the email for you too. Actually now you've mentio
  12. Hiya and Happy New Year to you Mike and Dev Fuse. :) I've discovered a very minor problems with my setup of the Auto Birthday Greeter gizmo this morning. In the email being sent out to let members know that an auto-birthday message has been left in their profile, the URL link has a slash missing after the /index.php so its sending out a URL with /index.phpuser/1-admin - for example - rather than /index.php/user/1-admin. I've been looking through the language files, and tried looking through the files in FTP and the settings but I'm a bit lost as to where I should be looking to e
  13. Thanks so much Martin and Adriano, that's sorted it! :D You guys rock!
  14. Thanks Adriano! I've disabled the hook. Please do not rush on my account to get the fix done, please enjoy your weekend. :)
  15. Hiya, firstly, like everyone else I just want to say what a fantastic mod this is! It's amazing, such a great idea which opens up so many possibilities for people's forums! Great job. I have lots of your mods already installed on the forums and IMHO you are by far and away one of the best modders in the IP community. please keep up the great work! Now on to my support question. :D I have an issue where I'm getting the following errors on my board, however it only appears on the login screen. (It was appearing on every screen but this is no longer the case since I created a raffle which is
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