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  1. Sure thing. He will get all privilenges (and limits) as the old author.
  2. No need to do that. Will be checked once I'll start doing it.
  3. Anyone else experiencing this error? (I'm not asking you, I know that you may be). Also.. Show me your settings of this plugin from ACP.
  4. Thanks for clarification and explainations. This is not a bug and there is nothing to fix because nothing is broken. You posting your suggestion and I'll concider it. 🙂
  5. Nothing changed. Only displaying or redirecting stuff was changed. 🙂
  6. I did it. There was a wrong condition in the template code.
  7. Thank you. I'm checking it now.
  8. May I get your acp to check it?
  9. I just checked and can confirm it. 🙂
  10. Hm, copy and check it. Not sure. I dont remember how the forms exactly works with the translate stuff. 😅😁🙃
  11. What's New in Version 2.0.1 added ability to redirect instead of display message after reached the views limit. Setting per group.
  12. Each reach of the views limit should redirect on specified url?
  13. @James101, please take a look on a new version, which is now released. Should works fine now.
  14. Hello, honestly - I don't remember how this plugin exactly works. Let me remind it - I'll do a review of it and back to you with more details soon.
  15. Check the moderators in the ACP, look:
  16. Small update. The same number.
  17. Well, just add them via PMA and edit one of them in the ACP. It should populate this file with all links. 🙂
  18. Hello, what you mean by that? Specify your problem/question please.
  19. I'll send you a file for tests. I think I found the reason why it wasn't worked fine.
  20. I'll check the latest version today.
  21. Don't forget guys about this important GDPR stuff. EU won't forget. I have few questions last time and installed it on a 4 boards with law and legacy issues due to protect personal info on them by the owners.
  22. What option are missing guys? I have some free time so I can add something. I think this mod is very usefull. 🙂
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