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  1. DawPi

    (DP42) CSE Google

    Hello, not as default option in that version. PM me for more details.
  2. DawPi

    (DP45) PM Viewer

    All sorted out. Installed & works fine. πŸ™‚
  3. DawPi

    (DP45) PM Viewer

    Hi, I just installed it fine on dev board. Send me PM with ACP credentials, I'll check what's going on.
  4. It's pretty simple to understand - moderation actions apply on whole thread, not particular posts, so there is no need to display it under each post. πŸ™‚
  5. DawPi

    (DP42) Bot Group

    No, not yet. Mod works as intended and your request is beyond of scope of standard support for my mods (bugs etc).
  6. Hello, when I delete nexus gateway I'm getting this error: Whoops\Exception\ErrorException: Undefined index: gatewayKey (8) #0 C:\wamp\www\45\applications\nexus\sources\Gateway\Gateway.php(102): Whoops\Run->handleError(8, 'Undefined index...', 'C:\\wamp\\www\\45\\...', 102, Array) #1 C:\wamp\www\45\system\Patterns\ActiveRecord.php(148): IPS\nexus\_Gateway::constructFromData(Array) #2 C:\wamp\www\45\applications\nexus\sources\Transaction\Transaction.php(116): IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord::load(7) #3 C:\wamp\www\45\system\Helpers\Table\Db.php(432): IPS\nexus\_Transaction::IPS\nexus\{closure}(7, Array) #4 C:\wamp\www\45\system\Helpers\Table\Table.php(489): IPS\Helpers\Table\_Db->getRows(Array) #5 C:\wamp\www\45\applications\nexus\modules\admin\payments\transactions.php(71): IPS\Helpers\Table\_Table->__toString() #6 C:\wamp\www\45\system\Dispatcher\Controller.php(101): IPS\nexus\modules\admin\payments\_transactions->manage() #7 C:\wamp\www\45\applications\nexus\modules\admin\payments\transactions.php(40): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #8 C:\wamp\www\45\system\Dispatcher\Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\nexus\modules\admin\payments\_transactions->execute() #9 C:\wamp\www\45\admin\index.php(14): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #10 {main} To avoid it I need to edit and change it: 't_method' => function( $val ) { if ( $val ) { try { return \IPS\nexus\Gateway::load( $val )->_title; } catch ( \OutOfRangeException $e ) { return \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack('gateway_deleted'); } } else { return \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack('account_credit'); } }, To: 't_method' => function( $val ) { if ( $val ) { try { return \IPS\nexus\Gateway::load( $val )->_title; } catch ( \ErrorException $e ) { return \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack('gateway_deleted'); } } else { return \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack('account_credit'); } }, In nexus/sources/Transaction/Transaction.php It's a bug or I'm doing something wrong?
  7. This app (and almost everything else) was moved to another developer. He need time to take care of this and other apps. Please be patient.
  8. What's New in Version pending approval added multimod delete function in the ACP for unused keys only.
  9. What's New in Version 1.0.6 (pending approval) - added ACP logs; you will be able to see which topics are bought and by who and when. - fixed bug in displaying "buy" button in not selected forums.
  10. DawPi

    (DP45) PM Viewer

    New version pending approval:
  11. What's New in Version Released March 9 fixed new topic form bug. fixed error related to uploading attachments.
  12. DawPi

    (DP45) PM Viewer

    You mean downloading them? I'll check it today and if it would be possible I'll do that. Hold on.
  13. Hello, will check this mod soon and I'll let you know.
  14. New version (1.0.5) pending approval: underhood changes (own Member class), sync optimizations. added new function to limit it for members with X posts at least. added new function - member must approve the rules before adding a new topic. https://streamable.com/5us0ay
  15. DawPi

    (DP42) Bot Group

    Not yet, I have all informations needed.
  16. Hello, licence invoices are generated generated by IPS4, not by my mod. It's adding new form of a licence type generator. Do you have similar problem with standard licence key type?
  17. Describe me steps to reproduce this issue on my end. I (nor my clients) never notices anything like that.
  18. DawPi

    (DP45) PM Viewer

    Hello, attachments aren't available for you as an Admin by my app. It would be serious security issue.
  19. DawPi

    (DP42) Bot Group

    Hello, give me some time. πŸ™‚
  20. DawPi

    (DP42) Bot Group

    I can't tell you more than what this mod doing - changing spider group grom guest to another. That's all. Everything beyond this isn't included in support for this mod.
  21. DawPi

    (DP42) Bot Group

    Use any of the browser extension to emulate your useragent as a spider and then check. See forum permissions: Plugin settings: Result: When I disable mod: It's working fine.
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