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Help module for end users

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A Help module like this would be very useful to end users -


You can refer to the Help page we created on our site for help content (but it is one long page and overwhelming). A help module with an accordion navigation menu and multiple pages like above would have a better UX.

Training end users is essential and crucial on any software to make them advanced users that will save their time while using the site and a Help module would be very helpful in this regard.

Please confirm if this is added to your Roadmap.

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2 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

You can literally use the pages app to create such a thing. Something like 

 but with a select field as menu instead of the sidebar menu 

We thought the Help module should come from the single software vendor like any other software app that gets updated as and when new features/changes are added/made (like the neat vBulletin Help module referred above) as opposed to multiple clients creating the help pages for users redundantly. Technically, as a vendor, you know about your software better than your clients do. A help module from IC would be consistent and common to all clients.

Anything specific to the site could be added by clients as additional Help pages.

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