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Many of my forum users have had issues where the reply-text-box has no text input area, only the opportunity to add an attachment. This has happened to me also. Doesn't seem to matter if the person wanting to reply to a topic is using a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, or which browser he/she is using (I've had reports of various Chrome iterations, Opera, and Android mobile browsers being affected.)

Clearing the system cache from ACP works temporarily. As does having the user clear browsing data/cookies through whichever browser they're using. But it seems like the issue soon re-appears in as little as a few minutes or as much as several days later. Some of my users are now replying with attached images (of oh so many things, since they can't type a reply or new post) to let me know the issue is still there. I'm really beating my head on the wall over this one... 

I do use two custom themes, both from IPSFocus, with system and themes all updated to the latest available versions. I believe the documentation to access my site is available, but if for some reason it's not, I can get it updated as required during the following evening ( I work out of town M-F daytime.)

-signed:  Monte L. for Tom E. 

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