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Issue whith loading correct comment when going to topic

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I also made this topic in the general “Technical Problems” forum, however because this problem is urgent for us, we are also looking for a developer that can possibly solve this problem (for money ofcourse), so hit me up if you can help us. this is the problem:

We are having a problem with the way our topics are interacting. When you go to this topic for example: https://www.higherlevel.nl/forums/topic/74791-update-verplichte-aov/?do=getNewComment

You won’t go to the newest comment, in our case just the first comment gets loaded, sometimes this works, other times it just goes to a random page. 

We have tried disabling customization, with no avail. 

This problem also has effect on the linking to quotes, for example (the same topic as previous): https://www.higherlevel.nl/?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=find&content_class=forums_Topic&content_id=74791&content_commentid=682176

This will give the same issue and not load the correct comment. What can we do to fix this? 

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,



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