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Minimum number of characters (or words) in a post to avoid error in Google Search Console

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I wish there was an option to enforce a minimum amount of characters or words to submit a post in the forum. Many people nowadays ask questions or answer questions with only a video.

That's fine for the forum, however that triggers an error for the structured data in Google Search Console: 

Could contain: Text, Document

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Just now, Daniel F said:

This Google search console error means something different!

Really? Every time I get this error in Search Console, I go to the pages listed with that error, and the post marked as a solution is only an image which is often an animated .gif (not a video, my bad). I edit that post to add a few words, click "Validate" in GSC and within a couple of days the pages no longer trigger that error. 

2 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

And to answer the follow up question, it’s resolved in the next upgrade. 

That's great! Thanks! 😃

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