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[Suggestion] Events Location Data Field

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When you are posting an Event with a physical location and you choose to Specify a location..., unless my understanding is off and I am missing something, on a desktop, the software places the Location data alongside the Event Details within the block.

If you post an Event with a physical location and you choose not to Specify a location..., on a desktop, the software expands the block to fill the entire block. Choosing to not fill out the Specify a location... field will result in Google sending you an Events structured data issues detected notice and potentially penalizes you in an SEO. Hence, it is advisable to fill out the Location data field.


Now, having all that dead space is not a desired look in my opinion and it would be much better to have a larger image/data field be more observable and thus easier on the eyes.

In mobile portrait view, it all displays as it should, the Location data field is placed below Event Details section of the block, so that operates as it should, again, in my opinion. However, in Landscape mode, it displays the same as desktop mode.

I should mention that in this scenario, the software sidebar is enabled.


Thank you for your consideration.


Could contain: File, Webpage


Could contain: File, Webpage  



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