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Bug or Potential Security Issue

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In an old team thread (no access for members), I have a newer post from an old moderator and an edit notice from a non-moderator member. Strangely, if I remain on the page, every few minutes a replica of the message is posted - 'show new reply'. If I refresh the page, only the first new message is displayed and additional replica messages are again generated every few minutes (with the same edit notice - date of post and edit: 3rd Jan 2023).

The moderator did not post the edited message (he left the team many years ago). And I have checked an archive of the forum from about 6 months ago - the new message does not appear there. As far as I can tell, the account apparently making the edit has not returned to our message board since writing a single (unrelated) post on 3rd Jan. 2023.

I would assume this is a bug, but coincidentally, the old moderator returned just after Christmas with a new account, as he was unable to login to his original account (the password does not work). I've checked the email address for his original account - it is unchanged. (The old moderator does return to our site every year or two to say hello, so I do not feel that (in of itself) is suspicious.

I lean towards a bug being responsible rather than something nefarious. This is quite the coincidence - but I need to determine the cause for certain.

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