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Update Members Via CSV Import or API

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While learning how I want to set up my community I've ended up wanting to change the primary group for about 1600 members.  However, I can't figure out a way to do this without clicking through each member in ACP and editing them one by one. 

Is it possible to do this via a CSV import or even through API?  

My attempt to update via CSV ignored the updates because the member already existed. 

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Here you go:

  1. Go to the members list in ACP.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the search field at the top-right of the list to open the advanced search form.
  3. Select the group from the dropdown menu and click search at the bottom of the form.
  4. At the top of the list of members  from the search you'll find 3 options:
    • View Full List?
    • Prune Members Found
    • Move Members Found
  5. You need to click on the 3rd option Move Members Found.
  6. Select the new group on the page that loads and click Save.
  7. You're done. 🙂


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@teraßyte This almost works.  I have a few peppered in this group that I don't need to move, but I don't see a way to filter them out.  The condition that I have is that I have everyone defaulting to the Primary group of Member and then I've assigned a secondary group of Vinyl Club Member to this 1600ish people.   I need to take the 1600ish people and remove them from the secondary group of Vinyl Club Member and make that their Primary group.  Then there are some people that only have the group of Member assigned that need to stay in the group Member.  


But when I do as suggested it allows me to filter and move by the Primary group, but I need to include the secondary group in this process and I don't see a way to do that. 


I can't even sort the full list of members by their groups. It only does the page that I'm on.  There are only 67 pages, so it's not completely unreasonable to go through page by page and make a note of the smaller number that need manually updated after updating in mass, but this seems lacking for the ability to filter out members and manipulate them in mass. 

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Oh, okay. If you need those additional filters then it's not possible because secondary groups are not listed in the advanced search form as you've already seen.


You either need to manually run queries on the database to update the group value, or you can use the core/members REST API: https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api?endpoint=core/members/GETindex

With the API you'll have to load all members with a specific group, then manually check their secondary groups, and update them based on the filters you mentioned.

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