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Replies with embedding iframe/youtube widgets return 403

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Hi there,

When I post an embedded Youtube link or even reference another post (which generates an iframe) I notice my server returns a 403 error. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this and what to check in terms of server configuration to fix this?

Can you please let me know what to try/check to try and resolve this issue?

A member tried to post a link to embed this video recently and it failed to post.

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Electronics, Screen, Number, Symbol, WebpageImage attached of error generated.


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22 hours ago, Daniel F said:

Sounds like a WAF( web application firewall)

Your webhost should be able to assist with this.

Thanks all resolved.

Feedback from my web host.


A mod security rule triggered and blocked the access, I've whitelisted the mod security rule for this domain.

Just an fyi for anyone else who has the same issue in future.

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