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Invision Community Insight: September Release, Additional Marketplace Info and v5 Teaser

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☀️🍎 Welcome to this week's Invision Community Insight! 🍏☀️

Thank you for checking out our weekly, round up post. I hope you have had a wonderful week. 


This week's updates from the Invision Community team are below. 🙂 


Current Happenings

Version 5 Teaser Announcement!! 🎉

We shared our first official look at version 5 this week!  Check it out and join in on the excitement for what's to come.  


New Version

The official September release is available. Upgrade your community now.

Here is what is included in September release, version 4.7.13. https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/

Key improvements include:


Introducing Community Hive

We are proud to introduce our new free-to-use service in beta! We have received super helpful feedback from many of you and we are making changes daily! Thank you to those of you that are on this ride with us! 


Release Chat

Our September release chat is scheduled for Tuesday. Join us live or catch the video and discussion in the converted topic after the event. 


Marketplace Closure

Our Marketplace Closure announcement was made last month. Notices are added to the AdminCP with the September release. 

New this week, we have shared our new 'license key' system to allow you to transfer your purchases to the third-party developer website in a privacy-conscious way. You can get more details and ask any questions in that post: 



Finally, for those that like to see what we are up to line by line, here is the changelog for the week for version 4. Changes are limited for now as we focus attention on version 5.


- Fixed linked files not showing a title on the download prompt when multiple files are available.

- Added Invision Community merge tools for Calendar and Blog.


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