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Invision Community Insight: August Update

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☀️ Welcome to this week's Invision Community Insight! ☀️

Thank you for checking out our weekly, round up post. I hope you have had a wonderful week. Below are a few announcements to bring to your attention. 


Current Happenings

For our Cloud customers, I did want to draw your attention to our post: Changes to traffic control. Please ask any questions that you have there. 


Our Marketplace Closure announcement was posted this week. We will follow up with more information.


On Deck

We have postponed our next release a bit which now makes it our September Release. Spam Improvements and bug fixes are to be expected. You can check out our Spam Improvements Blog for more information. 


With that said, changes for version 4 are limited for now but for those that like to see what we are up to line by line, here is the changelog for the week for version 4. 




- Added the ability to moderate and block new registrations from specific regions.
- Added email verification to Contact Us page.
- Added the ability to moderate or block new registrations using known disposable email addresses.
- Fixed an issue where passing null to a text field may cause an error with PHP > 8.1.
- Fixed an issue where lightbox meta titles were not being used.
- Fixed an error in the REST API when a member has an invalid primary group.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to trigger a MySQL error by specifying an invalid API page parameter.   
- Fixed an issue where the move members queue offset was not being applied correctly.     


- Fixed an issue where item statistics may show incorrectly when record comments are stored in topics.

- Fixed an issue where post before register data was not properly accounted for when registering via Commerce.


- Added the missing 'most_views' language string.


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