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Seeking a courtesy reset by Invision of the location of my test installation

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I have managed to gum up the -TESTINSTALL version of my license. In my Client Area I see that the license for my production installation points to the correct URL but that the -TESTINSTALL license points to the exact same URL. My bad.

I would be very grateful if Invision would clear that -TESTINSTALL record. Then, when I upload a test installation onto my development server -- i.e., a copy of the files from my production server as to which I can run a manual upgrade to be sure it will work -- I'll try to remember to first edit the config_globals.php file so that it refers to the domain/subdomain of the development server (and so that the test installation will tell Invision to record the -TESTINSTALL license as being at the domain/subdomain of the development server), and remember to install a DNS record so that the development server is reachable at that domain/subdomain.

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