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  1. So do the PITA work. You are THAT close to having a killer learning management system for which you probably can charge a whole heck of a lot more money than the practically free fee you're currently charging. I think the request is the single most important feature request I've seen in 42 pages here. Not trying to be a smart-ass, but wanting to get this point across loud and clear. How much money do you need to do it? Let me know.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply! You might want to think about making hypertext links available in an answer, because it would turn the Quiz app into a damned fine online learning application. Without the ability to point the user to more information about an answer, it's more like a one-time game. But if the quiz owner could point the user to particular pages on the quiz owner's web site (or some other web page that elaborates on a particular chosen answer), I believe it would be much more attractive to potential buyers. Also, my web site is primarily a news aggregator. Each day it shows headlines (with hypertext links) to about a dozen news articles from various sources on the web. I would want to quiz the reader on whether he or she already knows the answer to a question about a particular news item. If they take the quiz and then are told they gave the wrong answer, they would have a reason to want to click through to see the news article for details. A question might be "According to the U.S. Department of Treasury's news release this morning, what is the size of the U.S. national debt?" Answer A (a radio button). $6 trillion. No, the national debt is $24 trillion, as described in the news release [hypertext link to the news release] Answer B (a radio button). $42 trillion. No, the national debt is $24 trillion, as described in the news release [hypertext link to the news release] Answer C (a radio button). Yes! The national debt is $24 trillion, as described in the news release. [hypertext link to the news release]
  3. Pre-sales question: Can the owner of the quiz create an answer that includes a hypertext link? Example: Answer: "No, meerkats are mammals, not reptiles. See wikipedia." Thank you very much.
  4. It seems to be working with 4.4.7. Regarding the app suggested above -- "(SD) Outdate Emails" -- I was unable to register on its painfully slow support board in Poland. Spent about an hour going round and round clicking on required email address confirmations, then that said something like "one last step -- click here", but then being taken to a "Something went wrong" error message, for two days. So I don't have confidence in that one.
  5. Agree, agree, agree. So many of the "Sorry, there is a problem" messages are downright hostile, as well as being unhelpful to the user. Big bold exclamation mark. Holy s__t, Batman, did I break the software? "You are not allowed" -- yikes, I'm trespassing here? It's especially glaring when the "problem" is that the poor user simply hasn't logged in. Now the user is flustered and offended, and doesn't even know what he can do to fix it. (Other than "Error code: 30286/1" which tells him nothing and looks amateur.) I've complained about these error messages before. It's just STUPID on Invision's part to word them in this way, especially when the only issue is the user doesn't happen to be logged in at the moment. It's so disappointing, in light of how excellent the software is otherwise.
  6. Slimer, I'm not sure the plug-in is working with 4.4 -- could you please check it? The member emails are no longer being moved to the selected group. Thanks!
  7. Is anyone else encountering this problem with the message boards installation? I am using version 4.2.9 and some of my users (and me) are getting a blank (white) page when using a browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) to view any page on the message boards. It only happens SOMETIMES though. I've emptied my Firefox cache (including all cookies) and it's still happening -- but only sometimes. Two of my employees (at two different locations) are getting the same thing. About the only thing we have in common is that a large Windows 7 update occurred last night for each of us. We use different makes/models of PCs. I think we're all using Windows Defender as a local anti-virus.
  8. Just reporting that the API's response chokes when I have a quotation mark in the name of a forum, for the GET /forums/topics method. An example error being reported by the Perl script I wrote to call the API and process the response is: The script died with: , or } expected while parsing object/hash, at character offset 332 (before "Forums")",\n ...") at /home/www/scripts/message_digest/DigestTopics.pm line 84. I took the quotation marks out of the name of the forum -- was Message Boards ("Forums") and now is Message Boards (Forums) -- which eliminated the problem. Maybe something in the way the API is preparing the JSON response when a quotation mark occurs in that field? But I suppose it might also be an issue with the JSON module I'm using with Perl to decode the JSON. Hope that's helpful -- thanks!
  9. I would like to use the REST API so that I can access some data in JSON format for use by another program. My community is running at https://benefitslink.com/boards/index.php -- all pages on the site served via https:// phpinfo shows my Server API as "Apache 2.0 Handler" I have used the AdminCP to create an API key for the /core/hello endpoint: 3cf4f10cf064294489aa2b32471afd68 I set the endpoint permissions for that key so that System -> Hello has both checkboxes checked: Access and Log. I had trouble determining, from the REST API documentation at https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api , how to successfully call this endpoint. When I used https://3cf4f10cf064294489aa2b32471afd68:@benefitslink.com/boards/api/core/hello the result was "404 page not found." When I used https://benefitslink.com/boards/api/core/hello?key=3cf4f10cf064294489aa2b32471afd68 I got "404 page not found." When I used https://benefitslink.com/boards/api/index.php?key=3cf4f10cf064294489aa2b32471afd68 , I got a JSON response on-screen: { "errorCode": "2S290\/6", "errorMessage": "NO_API_KEY" } When I used the AdminCP to check the log for this key, I saw no log entries. I eventually solved my problem by adding these lines to the Apache config file: <Directory /www/sites/benefitslink.com/boards/api> # From https://devhacksandgoodies.wordpress.com/2014/06/27/apache-pass-authorization-header-to-phps-_serverhttp_authorization/ # SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1 </Directory> The more interesting endpoint for my application is /forums/topics so I find that I am able to use Perl's LWP::UserAgent to make a call to https://3cf4f10cf064294489aa2b32471afd68:@benefitslink.com/boards/api/index.php?forums/topics&sortBy=date&sortDir=desc&page=1 and I am getting back a nice JSON representation of all of the expected fields and values for the /forums/topics endpoint, as described in the REST API documentation for that endpoint. But I'm not sure why I need to use a URL like /api/index.php?forums/topics rather than something like /api/forums/topics?sortBy=date&sortDir=desc&page=1 -- the example in https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api is http://www.example.com/api/core/hello?key={apiKeyHere} Could you please tell me why? I also would very much appreciate any comments you might have about my authentication solution.
  10. I thank you so very much for saving my bacon, having run into this problem exactly.
  11. Gross. I have not tested yet to see if it's happening on my message boards. Notification emails going to bad email addresses is a big problem if one is concerned about having the message board's domain get put onto spam blacklists or the domain getting downgraded by Cisco or other spam filter services when spam-detection algorithms are applied. Banned members and spammers would seem to have a higher chance of having bad email addresses than other registered users do.
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