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IPS and improvement, updates and ???

Marco Junior

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Hello, through this I come to share a feedback with community developers.
Well, I follow every release closely, I usually try to use the test versions to enjoy the features faster and try to understand the new features before the releases become official.
However I am disappointed as a customer/developer.
Well, I work with private online RPG servers, and I continually see how IPS emphasizes their updates on features for Entertainment, businesses like stores, blogs, schools and other categories.
But I see that the community is insufficient in resources for communities like mine, where a large part of the end user are Players.
I don't see resources that can stretch my players in any positive way.
Some time ago I came to make some suggestions in the workflow, but without success of approval or inclusion.
I really wish my field was as important as the others mentioned, RPG game development and game development in general has been growing rapidly year after year.
It would be of paramount importance for you to give more value to this community as well, bringing resources for complex player management, perhaps this would even make existing communities more attractive for players.
Players stay away from communities because they believe that the objective is just to publish long texts and Administrative content, we know that this is not real, a community can be more than that and that is exactly what I am asking of you.

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Perhaps a system that can be integrated with an MSSQL database.
That allows for the management of accounts, characters, virtual currencies, sale of virtual currencies, vip access period sales there is an infinity of things that could be listed and done in the community.

As incredible as it seems, the resources that serve me the most are being removed from the system.

Support ticket system, however you guys are discontinuing it it is still better than my current support system.

It would be very interesting for you to think about these hypotheses, the RGP games market is extremely large, there are many Administrators who dream of buying an IPS license and using it in their projects, but when they notice that IPS offers a range of possibilities for another type of business and not our current business model, they end up giving up.

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