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Best practice for moving older release of site to new server

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I have 4.4.8 running on a RHEL7 server currently (PHP 7.2 and MySQL 5.6) and we're moving to a new server running RHEL9 with MySQL 8 and PHP 8.1 where I'm planning on installing the most recent release of Invision. Am I able to back up my DB and files and transfer them to the new server without having to go through multiple upgrade steps on the old server? Or can I only move over to an identical release?

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4.4.X won’t run on PHP8. So you’ll have to upgrade to run it on the new host. I would suggest running the compatibility checker to make sure the new host has all of the required PHP modules.

I would also disable all third party resources (applications and plugins) you might have installed. They’ll all need updated or replaced to be compatible with the new version of PHP.

Save and export all your files/db. 

Once you restore your files and database (fixing the conf_global.php with any updated info)… you will need to upload a full set of files from the client area and upload them to the new host. Then run the upgrader at domain.com/admin/upgrade. 

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